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Cyber security project aimed at protecting construction industry assets wins funding

Cyber security project aimed at protecting construction industry assets wins funding

A new cyber security project has been awarded a major research grant from the EU to help protect construction industry assets
Digitising Construction

Digitising Construction conference to be held in London to highlight BIM news

A jointly hosted conference on Digitising Construction is to be hosted in London to discuss the practicalities of BIM adoption
BIM4 Highways

BIM4 Highways Group launched to help implement BIM Level 2 in the roads sector

A new industry group BIM4 Highways has been launched to help understand both the benefits and challenges of using BIM on projects
bim data

BIM data for more than 1,200 products has been published by Siemens

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has published BIM data for a range of products including fire safety, automation and field devices
facilities management

Facilities management Professional Standards updated to include BIM

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has updated its Professional Standards in response to the growing impact of BIM on the sector
big data bim

Big data BIM: developing innovative solutions for the future

coBuilder outlines the role of big data in BIM and explain why it is not simply about using 3D modelling but about changing how companies approach projects
building information modelling

What are the challenges of adopting Building Information Modelling?

BIM and Digital Platforms Manager Alex Small discusses the challenges of producing Building Information Modelling objects for thousands of products
digital construction

Digital construction in the spotlight at the BIM Show Live 2017

The BIM Show Live 2017 brought together numerous experts and delegate to deliver a sell out event on digital construction

GeoSLAM launches its latest updated geospatial mapping software

The latest release of Geospatial Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) software has been launched by GeoSLAM

Asset Information Management is a vital part of any project

Man and Machine examine the importance of quality Asset Information Management on a project and the role of BIM in enhancing performance
Small businesses

Small businesses can benefit from using building information modelling

Joanna Mulgrew, Operations Director at Integro Construction Software, considers how small businesses fit into the BIM environment
Smart Asset Management

Smart Asset Management, BIM, the Internet of Things and Energy

Karl Redmond, Director for EDB Architects and Lead Consultants, discusses the Smart Asset Management project and how it saves on costs while ensuring improvements

How structural timber systems can harness the power of BIM

Andrew Orriss, Board Member, Structural Timber Association (STA) outlines how BIM can be utilised by the structural timber industry

Unlocking the next steps: How BIM can play a part in the heritage sector

Edonis Jesus, Chair of the BIM4Heritage Group and BIM Leader, Consulting – Europe at Lendlease explains how data and heritage modelling can be used in conservation