Building Control News

Building Control News

Indoor air quality must be a consideration in buildings

Andy Mudie, Marketing & Business Development Director at Nuaire outlines why the quality of indoor air in buildings is an issue that cannot be ignored
accessible homes

Accessible homes change lives for the better and ensure inclusion

Deborah Stephenson, Director of Operations at Habinteg highlights the impact of living in accessible homes and the importance of inclusive design

What can go wrong with roofing?

Andy Butchers, Director of Build-Zone Survey Services shares his insider knowledge to help you troubleshoot this key element of your building project.

It is time for some clear thinking about guidance on glass

About Access outlines the need for greater guidance when it comes to glass and highlights opportunities to ensure good design also incorporates safety

Planning and building regulations encourage a ‘tick box’ mentality

Planning and building regulations allow developers to make bad technical decisions. David Frise, Head of Sustainability, BESA, has an alternative approach
Approved inspectors

Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors undergoes revision

The revised Code of Conduct will be introduced on 1 January 2017. Paul Wilkins, Chair of the ACAI, explains what the changes mean for Approved Inspectors
part q

Part Q brings a minimum level of security for new and existing buildings

Nicola Harrison, General Manager, Bereco says Part Q is a step in the right direction for building security but certification will ensure compliance

Security as well as fire regulations need to be at the forefront of any...

Secured by Design outlines the physical security guidance set out in Part Q and highlights why this is as important as long-established fire regulations
fire safety order

What is the Fire Safety Order and why does it need to be enforced?

Fire safety is imperative to protect buildings and their occupants from danger. Here, the Fire Industry Association outlines the Fire Safety Order
housing retrofit

Selective housing retrofits could help decarbonisation strategy

A new and targeted approach of housing retrofits to the UK’s housing stock is needed to allow it to contribute to a cost effective decarbonisation strategy
Accessible housing in the UK

Why accessible housing shouldn’t be a niche issue

The growing national demand for inclusive, accessible housing shouldn’t be a niche issue, as argued by Jean Hewitt, Director of the Centre for Accessible Environments.
indoor air quality

BSRIA urges the industry to take responsibility for indoor air quality

The construction industry is being urged to ensure indoor air quality in buildings is of a high standard.
Secured by Design

Secured by Design – reducing crime by good design

Secured by Design is a national police project which aims to improve the physical security of a home.
domestic air quality

A spotlight on domestic air quality

Domestic air quality is put in the spotlight to deliver better outcomes for consumers – a White Paper by Steve Hodgson, Chief Executive of the Property Care Association