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London construction will be crippled by a Hard Brexit, says Mayor Sadiq Khan

London construction will be crippled by a Hard Brexit, says Mayor Sadiq Khan

A Hard Brexit could leave the London construction market “high and dry”, as nearly one in four builders hired are from the EU
jail sentences

Jail sentences handed out to construction workers who committed tax fraud

Nine construction workers have been given jail sentences after attempting to commit £300,000 worth of organised tax fraud
Construction managers struggle to recruit EU skilled workers

Construction managers are struggling to hire EU workers as Brexit fears mount

The number of EU workers seeking jobs in the UK has fallen since the Brexit vote, with construction managers seeing increasingly less applications
Fire and security apprenticeship

Fire and security apprenticeship launched during major industry event

A new fire and security apprenticeship has been launched this week, with the aim of equipping the next generation with the necessary skills
women in construction

Women in Construction award nomination for NICEIC campaign to attract more females

NICEIC’s campaign to draw more women into the electrical contracting industry has been shortlisted for a gong at the Women in Construction awards
female construction workers

Female construction workers are still lacking in the sector

A new report from AXA Business Insurance has called for more action to be undertaken recruit female construction workers into the industry
recruitment shortage

Recruitment shortage exacerbated by a fall in the number of EU workers

A new report into the labour market has revealed the recruitment shortage of skilled workers could be due to a fall in the number of EU workers
workers' rights

Workers’ rights challenged after freelance plumber wins landmark court case

A freelance plumber has won a legal battle against Pimlico Plumbers after the court deemed he was entitled to basic workers’ rights
hard brexit

Hard Brexit could heighten the construction skills crisis

A new report examining the future of the rail industry has warned a ‘Hard Brexit’ could result in a major construction skills crisis in engineering
further education course

Further education course aims to attract young people into construction

Build UK and Collab Group have launched a new further education course aimed at providing the training needed to embark on a construction apprenticeship
workforce crisis

Housebuilding faces workforce crisis without women and young people

Research from the NHBC has warned in order to avoid a workforce crisis more must be done to attract women and young people into housebuilding

Continuing professional development is vital for career success

Nottingham Trent University offer a range of courses and training opportunities that provide continued accredited career development
midlands construction market

Midlands construction market is experiencing a notable skills shortage

A new survey from RICS has revealed there is a notable shortage of skilled workers in the Midlands construction market
skills card

Skills card audit planned across the construction industry

Construction workers will be expected to show their skills card on 8 February as part of an industry-wide planned audit

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