Mick George

Asbestos Management: The man behind the mask

2017 saw the launch of Mick George Environmental, a dedicated division within the overarching business, that now specialises in all areas of Asbestos Management, dealing with Non-Licensed, Notifiable Non-Licensed and, Licensed Asbestos. The operation has grown considerably from traditional carriage and disposal skillsets, to now incorporate more extensive survey, analytical,...
cyber crime

GDPR: ‘Fresh Thinking’ and ‘A New Paradigm’

Cyber crime is a growing problem that has an impact on small businesses. Here, BeCyberSure discusses the implications and challenges
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

Cromer Road interchange saves £400k using 3D modelling

The Cromer Road interchange on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR) project involves the construction of a new overbridge to take the re-aligned A140 Cromer Road over the NNDR. The A140 is one the primary traffic routes into Norwich city centre. The design of the new bridge placed it very close...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

3D modelling identifies earthworks lack of fill material

The Norwich Northern Distributor Road scheme was designed with the earthworks in balance.  The original design was carried out by Norfolk County Council based on a LIDAR survey of the route in 2006. Following contract award, a topographical survey of the entire scheme was carried out (on foot, using GPS...
3D modelling of the bridge saved money

3D modelling ensures quality while maintaining control

Martin Young, of Cassidy Forsythe explains why 3D modelling Rackheath bridge was a vital part of the project, highlighting problems prior to construction
Mick George

Profitable Transport Franchise Opportunity

Great business opportunities are often hard to come by, and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked when they do arise, especially in an economic climate that is anticipated to experience many challenges in the near future, as the uncertainty of Brexit gradually unravels. And that’s why the Franchise Industry remains an area...

Accessibility is a key consideration when designing for disabled users

Ian Streets, of About Access discusses how the principles of good accessibility are imperative when designing for people with disabilities
New Homes Review

Staying warm in winter – protect your new build home

Winter will soon be kicking in and when the weather worsens it’s best to be prepared. We have put together some useful information for you to remember to help protect your home. Things you can do inside your home Ensure your central heating works and if need be, get your boiler...
New Homes Review

Let your new build home breathe

New build homes are built to be more air tight to help make them more energy efficient. The downside to this ‘air tightness’ is that unless the property is effectively ventilated, it could cause poor air quality and a build of condensation in your new home. How to avoid poor...
New Homes Review

Save smart – how to make savings in your new home

Most people feel the pinch in January whether it be the bank balance or your waist band after the Christmas indulgence! As you may now be thinking about saving for home improvements in the spring or that summer holiday, how about some top tips to help you save money...
New Homes Review

New year, new home? The benefits of buying a new build

Are you considering buying a new house next year? Many people use the Christmas period to discuss their plans for the coming year. The decision to buy an older home or new build home often boils down to personal preference. Whilst some people prefer period properties with a unique historical...
New Homes Review

Things you may not know when buying a new build home

With more and more new build developments cropping up all over the UK, and funding initiatives to make home ownership more affordable, the option of buying a new build home is becoming increasingly popular. So how does buying a new build home compare with a traditional home purchase? With more...
New Homes Review

What do people really think about the quality of new build housing?

Considering Buying a Newly Built Home? To accompany its launch, the New Homes Review (NHR) has recently surveyed 1000 consumers representative of the UK population, to gain their views on the new homes market in general. Positively, a third of respondents surveyed are considering buying a house in the next...
Mick George

Is sport sponsorship a flawed strategy or a marketing masterpiece?

  With all the controversy surrounding professional sports, and in particular football, why would any unrelated business want to get involved and associate their brand through sponsorship? It’s a question that many have asked and attempted to answer, but an agreed conclusion has never really been reached and hence the debate...