Clearbox – The game changing information platform for the built environment


    The building information modelling (BIM) journey is underway and accelerating across the globe. Those now wishing to tender for UK Government funded projects are required to demonstrate their ability to work with, and provide information from a BIM-enabled environment.

    Some companies will now be thinking that they can rest a while having achieved ‘Level 2’. However, the reality is that Level 2 was not intended as the destination; it is the departure point to fuel the journey towards data, information, knowledge and wisdom. While significant value can be achieved at Level 2 it is evident that significantly more value is to be found by going beyond it and managing the information at a data level.

    However, it is the belief of Graeme Forbes, Managing Director at Clearbox that some companies are now on the wrong track, driven by software vendors who are selling what they have, based on where they came from, rather than what the industry truly needs to drive efficiency. The belief that a document centric approach will work effectively in the future is fundamentally flawed. Of course documents are still required, at least for the foreseeable future, but it is a data-centric approach that is required to better expose and access the information required to achieve more.

    In this document, Graeme Forbes provides four points of view that cover:

    • The importance of a more data-centric approach;
    • The need for an appropriate mobile solution for BIM delivery;
    • An explanation of the challenges around project controls; and
    • How  BIM, IoT, and Big Data are providing a vision for a data enabled built environment.

    Over the past two years the BIMXtra cloud based solution from Clearbox has been used on over 500 projects, and provides a real insight into analytics and Big Data and the journey in front of us. Their approach to understanding and implementing BIM could be the catalyst that helps you too.


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