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Environment Agency calls on Mick George Ltd for Solutions for flood defence scheme

Mick George Ltd discuss their recent Earthworks contract in relation to their flood defence scheme, raising the flood banks at Ouse Washes reservoir. Having been awarded the £10.5million Earthworks contract, Mick George Ltd has recently...

Landfill taxes – Treatment is better than cure, prescribed by Mick George Ltd

Mick George Ltd discuss their solution to avoid the paying landfill taxes for waste disposal with their sustainable programmes. Projects, developments, or refurbishments, call it what you will, one thing that inherently results from such upgrades,...

Local FD, Jon Stump, maneuvers through South America for charity

Jon Stump, Finance Director, has embraced the ‘Challenge Yourself’ task set by Mick George Ltd to its employees to raise money for its selected charities of the year. ‘Challenge Yourself’ was the task set by...



Offsite Construction

Can offsite construction help to mitigate the housing supply shortage? This supplement hopes to provide some of the answers. It is a well-documented fact that...

Certification & Accreditation

The whole purpose of accreditation is to provide confidence to consumers, purchasers and regulators in the competence and impartiality of organisations. Accreditation provides confidence in...

How Solibri is pioneering excellence in the industry

In this year's Solibri Journal, founder and CEO Heikki Kulusjärvi discusses changes within the company and how Solibri is ensuring excellence This year’s Solibri Journal...

A house builders technical guide: Avoiding potential pitfalls from the outset

In this technical guide, Premier Guarantee offer advice on how house builders can avoid costly mistakes and ensure quality in their project

Structural warranties offer a safety net for building projects

Whether undertaking a new build project or restructuring an existing property, structural warranties provide peace of mind

BIM training helps staff develop core skills while improving efficiency

Cadassist share what they bring to an organisation though their BIM training programmes and how they ensure the right learning outcomes for employees