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ABS Group’s Advanced Engineering division provides state-of-the-art engineering investigation, analysis and design services focused on mitigating the impacts of natural and man-made hazards. We are a leading independent global provider of risk management services that combine industry expertise, risk modeling and simulation methods, practical engineering and technology-based solutions for hazards to personnel and facilities caused by extreme loads.

Services within this Solution

Fire and Blast Consultancy

Operations involving energetic materials can result in blast and fragmentation hazards to personnel and structures. Our Advanced Engineering division has extensive experience in characterizing these hazards, whether from terrorist actions, hydrocarbon releases or explosives, and we develop practical mitigation measures including structural strengthening and fragment protection. We prepare analytical solutions and perform explosion effects testing to validate blast mitigation solutions, and also offer explosion incident investigation services to assist clients in understanding event causes and prevention measures. We also offer a range of fire risk services.

Planning Consultancy – Hazardous Installations

ABS Group is a leading provider of facility risk services for a wide range of explosion, fire and toxic release hazards from potentially hazardous installations. These services provide clients with a detailed understanding of risk, implications for planning applications, practical measures for risk reduction and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Security Vulnerability Assessments

Our Advanced Engineering team can assess threats to critical facilities including buildings and infrastructure. These assessments include an understanding of attack methods and consequences of breaches in the protection systems. We also develop measures for protecting personnel and facilities through a wide array of measures, including barriers, hardening, equipment anchorage and security operations.

Natural Hazards Risk Management

The Advanced Engineering division performs analyses of a wide range of structures and equipment to determine their performance under extreme environmental conditions including flood, wind and seismic hazards. We develop practical, cost-effective solutions to reduce risk to personnel, equipment, systems and infrastructure, and provide solutions to maintain continued operations.

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