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Aquobex offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge flood protection solutions for architects and property specifiers.

Our experts will support your inspirational designs or your price driven projects with effective holistic solutions.

Examples range from zero-threshold flood doors through automatic barriers to innovative drainage solutions.


Aquobex’s solutions

Aquobex’s range of flood protection solutions for architects and property specifiers are trusted by insurers, property owners and government bodies.

Product solutions include…

  • Flood proof fire escape doors
  • Zero-threshold flood doors
  • Heritage flood doors and barriers
  • Self-operating, hidden flood barriers
  • Flood proof glass walls
  • Manual flood barriers for doors, windows, air bricks & meter boxes
  • Flood proof windows
  • Flood proof kitchens, walls and floors
  • Temporary flood barriers
  • Sustainable & maintenance-free drainage solutions


Recent projects include a bank HQ in Oman, nuclear power plants in France, UK defence sites, and several Blue-Chip companies in London.

Aquobex solutions are derived from research and understanding of how building components react under flood conditions. This enables us to help you specify flood resilient interiors, repairs and comprehensive installation guidelines.

Our consultants can provide support through data sheets, CAD and BIM to supplement your designs and early planning applications

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