Assent Building Control Ltd.

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Assent Building Control

Assent was founded in 2005 by its co-directors Richard Batte and John Dilley. The company was born out of a desire to do things differently and to find positive ways to support the development objectives of our clients nationally.

Operating as a Corporate Building Control Approved Inspector, we are dedicated to ensuring that the building control process provides added value for our clients, whether they are designers, developers, contractors or end-users.

“Building Control must facilitate innovative development not stifle it.”
Richard Batte – Director

Assent has become one of the forefront Building Control bodies in the country and has developed a reputation and service second to none.

Long term relationships are fundamentally important to us and this is possible by building strong partnerships. Word of mouth recommendations have been the cornerstone of Assents’ development so far.

The directors together with our expanding team of highly qualified and experienced surveyors understand the changing face of building control. The inherent complexity of providing a sustainable, accessible and safe built environment makes old fashioned approaches to building control redundant. Assent provides a flexible resource for the client and all design team members ensuring that building regulation compliance is integral to the project from inception to completion.

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