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Emergency Folding Ladder

A Fire Escape or Access Ladder which is very strong & secure but opens in 3 Seconds.

Similar to a square drainpipe when not in use.

Silver Anodised or Powder Coated to a Standard Colour.

Dope Descent Systems

Rope Descent systems or Rope Escapes provide a method of egress from High Rise Buildings or Flats that are suitable for everyone including those who are less mobile – old, young or infirm.

They can provide an escape route where the occupiers do not need the approval of the occupants.

Alfix Ladder

This Caged Ladder also
known as a Cat Ladder made from aluminium profiles.

The lower section can be counterbalanced to slide up for security.

Emergency Telescopic Ladder and Loft Ladders

The Hatch Unit,  an enclosed telescopic ladder provides an effective escape route from one floor to the next below, used for balconies or enclosed rooms. These units are often confused with Loft Ladders, (which we can also supply) but when not in use they provide a surface which can be walked over or stood upon.


These Balconies are constructed from Special Anodized Aluminium Sections and can be colour coated if required We will also manufacture in other materials such as Stainless Steel with a glazed balustrade.

This example has an Escape Ladder in its base.

Design, Manufacture

We can provide a design, manufacturing and repair service for industry and individuals.

Reference to the various Engineering and Welding Sections will give a guide to the work we undertake

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