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Albert Street, Brigg DN20 8HQ

BecoWallform – Simple, Sustainable Building.

Beco WALLFORM is a Fast and Cost Effective method of building.   Using locally available materials this Insulated Concrete Formwork system is Environmentally Friendly and suitable for all types of building, particularly those with low, zero or passive energy performance specifications.

Practical energy efficient construction to accommodate our future needs, Beco WALLFORM has been developed to provide a range of design standards to suit all building applications.

The use of readily available building materials and local labour resources enables the construction of durable flood resilient building structures more rapidly than traditional building methods.  Lightweight, precision-moulded insulation components are assembled into an interlocking formwork system into which concrete is poured.   The concrete cures quickly as a strong structure and the formwork is left in place as a highly efficient thermal envelope.

The building process is quick and precise, even in conditions of inclement weather, with lower labour and equipment requirements than alternative methods.   A wide range of performance specifications are achieved by varying insulation and concrete thicknesses without affecting the building process or requiring supplementary components.

Rapid construction of a weatherproof building envelope provides early access for following trades, independent of the application of external claddings.

Of UK manufacture, Beco WALLFORM is a Sustainable construction method, producing durable and energy efficient buildings with a small environmental footprint.   More than forty years of development have resulted in a robust and reliable method of building with a high level of flood resilience which will not deteriorate, rot or corrode.

Beco WALLFORM  –  A quick and practical building system using proven materials and local resources to produce Sustainable, Low and Passive Energy buildings.

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