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Building regulations

Information about the building regulations and further guidance you may find useful.

Pre-submission consultation service

A pre-submission consultation can provide you with all the information needed to help you through the approval and building process. This free consultation:

  • can reduce project costs
  • avoid delays
  • create awareness of building constraints
  • is impartial and provides for flexible payment of fees and charges
  • can include liaison with other council departments

Contact us to arrange a face to face meeting or phone call with a member of our team.

Additional building control functions

We are responsible for many functions, of which the principle one is ensuring the health and safety of people in and around buildings by the implementation of The Building Act 1984 and associated legislation.

Additional information sources and useful links

Our service standards

We have achieved the following accreditation and are committed to the delivery of a customer focused service:

We are committed to providing a quality service:

The Local Performance Indicators identify the performance standard of our Building Control Service.

Customer comments

We welcome your feedback on our Building Control service, please use the surveys below:

Plan checking:  Plan Checking Questionaire for the Building Control Service (PDF, 31kb)

Site inspections:  Site Inspection Questionaire for the Building Control Service (PDF, 31kb)

Annual service improvements: Annual Questionaire for the Building Control Service (PDF, 30kb)

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