DustScan Ltd

Griffin House, Market Street

DustScan Ltd is an independent environmental consultancy specialising in dust monitoring, dust and air quality assessment, workplace dust exposure and dust analysis/forensic services.

Our specific services to the building and demolition sector include;

  • Site boundary monitoring for compliance purposes or to assess dust nuisance
  • Supply and installation of dust sampling equipment (sale or lease), including depositional and directional gauges, real time dust monitors, and PM2.5 /PM10 samplers
  • Preparation of dust and air quality impact assessments, as may be required for planning purposes
  • Dust sample analysis for characterisation purposes, including RCS and asbestos (either in-house or using recognised external laboratories
  • Workplace area and personnel dust exposure surveys for COSHH purposes, including RCS surveying
  • Dust mapping for use in dust control planning
  • Preparation of Dust Management Schemes/Plans
  • Preparation of interpretive reports for the purposes of meeting regulatory requirements and neighbour management

For more information on our services please ring one of our team on 01608 810110, or to look in depth at our capabilities, please visit our website at http://www.dustscan.co.uk/

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