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Avenue J, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG
20 Churchill Avenue Kenilworth England CV8 2ND GB

environment planning and design

Thoughtful, imaginative and practical design and development solutions for a sustainable, attractive and inspiring future.

epd is a new, fresh brand in the world of environment, planning and design consultancy. Together with its sister businesses within Parkwood Consultancy Services (PCS) and the Parkwood Group, we aim to provide a bespoke, carefully costed and specialised service to all our clients – urban or rural, public or private, local or international.

The combination of our unique skills in landscape architecture, planning, environment, project management and multidisciplinary consultancy enable epd to provide intelligible, flexible and long-lasting solutions to a variety of problems and opportunities.


epd is Parkwood’s fresh, new Consultancy. With five permanent offices in different regions of England and access to Group facilities across the whole UK, epd offers a truly national service, to public and private sector clients alike. In addition, epd operates an expanding network of associate businesses that provide complementary responses to specific client needs.

So what makes us different?

  • We are a national business
  • We offer a relatively low cost base and competitive rates
  • We are flexible, and provide a bespoke response to particular needs
  • We serve both private and public sector clients
  • We employ staff with a diverse range of skills, experience and backgrounds
  • We operate to UK and International standards
  • We are at home working in both urban and rural environments
  • We have a strong network of associates who provide supplementary services
  • We can draw upon other Parkwood staff who can help design, operate and manage projects
  • We like to make a difference


epd provides specialist, innovative and cost-effective solutions for development and management projects at every stage of the lifecycle of a site or building.

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