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Fischer Future Heat
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Fischer Future Heat is a Leicester based company that supplies and installs German Manufactured storage heaters. Fischer understands the importance of energy efficient heating and aims to provide their customers with the most effective money saving heating solution available on today’s market. On top of their aims to supply a cheaper heating solution for their customers, they also ensure their products are environmentally friendly, with them having zero carbon footprints.

Their new, innovative design uses a charmotte clay core that is mixed with an aluminium oxide. Using these materials ensures a permanent heat source.  The clay core is a heat resident ceramic that is able to reach temperatures of 1500 Celsius.

The design of the heaters ensure they fit compactly within the home, or working environment. They are no wider than 110mm and fit securely onto a wall.

They are independently tested in the UK by BSRIA LTD. BSRIA’s test results found that Fischer’s storage heaters use energy for as little as 41% of the time.

Fischers heaters can reach further money saving solutions through the use of night time energy saving tariffs. This is because, whilst you’re sleeping and are already warm, the heaters store up heat through the cheaper electricity. This stored heat is then ready to be used throughout the following day.

They have an outstanding customer service reputation and use in house installers – no third party. For the peace of mind of their customers, they offer a ten year guarantee. If the newly fitted heaters do somehow become faulty, Fischer replaces it straight the way. No lengthy repair jobs!

If you’re after good quality storage heaters, give Fischer a call on 0800 103 2674. They are friendly, helpful and have the relevant expertise and experience.

Fischer Future Heat 4 years ago
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