Hyndburn Borough Council


Building Control regulates the way buildings are actually constructed to ensure that they are safe and fit for use.  It also achieves other objectives, such as energy efficiency and access for disabled people.

Building works that involve creating something new or to modify/extend an existing building will usually require a Building Regulation Application.  Any person carrying out building work needs to ensure that the works comply with the Regulations.  Some types of work will be exempt from the Building Regulations and an application will not need to be submitted.

Many applications are dealt with each year ranging in size from new warehouses to modest attic conversions.

Building Control Officers have a good working relationship with local builders and aim to offer a fast, reliable and responsive service.

You are also advised that Planning Permission may be required for certain building works.  For further details please visit our Planning Section of the website.

For further information and advice about Building Control contact our office on 01254 380 608 or e-mail buildingcontrol@hyndburnbc.gov.uk.

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