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Electric Heating for Interior Designers

Have you been restricted in your designs by ugly water filled steel radiators that take up a huge amount of wall space, drawing attention away from the modern image you wish to create?

Positioning of beautiful furniture is completely governed by the amount of wall space left to you, AFTER the central heating has been installed.

Forcing you to at the very least, to paint them in your chosen colours to try to disguise them.  It doesn’t have to be like that.

Livingstone Bespoke Radiators are designed in Italy and are available in a range of any striking colours, in a range of interesting bespoke shapes and designs.

Vertical Electric radiators, which are perfect when you have glass walls and very little traditional wall space. Also perfect for all modern commercial office buildings, which have mainly glass walls. We can install them ALONGSIDE any water based system, REPLACE any storage heating or fossil fuel system, and add them to ANY conservatory, home office extension or Granny Flat without any masonry work, first fixing, or lifting of tiled or polished wooden floors.

Designer electric heating is light years ahead of the tired old fashioned storage heating systems in use today, so enhance your designs with our designer styles!


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