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Construction and Commercial

OptiGlaze glazing protection for commercial application in schools, offices, health centres, churches and most other commercial and industrial buildings. It can be retro fitted on site by either surface fixing method or glazing in with the double glazed units.  On new window, door or curtain walling installations OptiGlaze glazing protection is fitted by the installer with the glazing using the glaze in method reducing the cost for extra sub-contractors. This the only retro-fit glazing protection system suitable for curtain walling.
Installing OptiGlaze glazing protection or OptiGlaze anti vandal double glazed sealed units will in the majority of cases do away with the need for roller shutters, security bars, security screens and steel mesh sheets.


Unbreakable Anti Vandal Energy Saving Double Glazed Sealed Units

OptiGlaze anti vandal unbreakable double glazed sealed units utilize Lexan Margard MRX solid sheet polycarbonatewhich is optical clear with a special glass like hard surface coating to both sides of the sheet and is used for the outer leaf of the unit. This coating makes the polycarbonate impervious to moisture, abrasion and chemical resistant that allows the easy removal of graffiti.Toughened Pilkington K Low E glassis used for the inner leaf of the unit. The thermal quality of Lexan Margard MRX and Pilkington K Low E glass make the perfect combination for an anti vandal and burglar resistant energy saving double glazed unit that utilizes the very latest in warm edge spacer bar and triple edge sealing. The use of different thickness of glazing material also helps to improve the sound insulation value of a sealed unit.

Installing OptiGlaze anti vandal double glazed units is the less expensive option of fitting roller shutters, metal screens and is visually more pleasing than perforated steel.
Indicative calculations show that these sealed units have a centre pane U value of approximately 1.02W/m2K. (A glass double glazed sealed unit made up of 4mm float glass and Pilkington 4mm K Low E glass with air filled cavity produces a U value of 1.7W/m2K.U Values refer to the centre of a unit. Gas filling of our units is not available at this present time. OptiGlaze double glazed sealed units will replace 24, 28, and 32 mm glass double glazed units and can installed in windows, doors and curtain wall. Triple glazed units are also available.


Polycarbonate Sealed Units for Industrial Applications

If you are looking for a light weight alternative to glass sealed units for a particular project or product looking to make a reduction on weight, for security glazing purposes such as security doors, for health and safety or hygiene reasons especially in factories and food preparation factories then OptiGlaze polycarbonate double glazed sealed units will achieve this. These sealed units in Polycasa UV SR abrasion and chemical resistant polycarbonate are available in sheet thickness from 3 mm up to 8 mm to suit every application.


Homeowners and Landlords

If you have suffered from and broken and smashed windows from vandalism or a break in by a burglar then you now what a traumatic experience this can be.  Protecting your windows before this happens can save all the trauma and cost of replacing windows that have been broken and stop this from happening again makes sense.   Installing OptiGlaze glazing protection will prevent vandals from breaking the glass in your windows. For windows that have been broken replacing the double glazing with OptiGlaze Energy Saving Anti Vandal double glazed units will prevent them from being broken again.


Installing OptiGlaze Window Glazing Protection or OptiGlaze Energy Saving Anti Vandal Double Glazed Units will provide long term protection and save money.

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