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SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) exists to maintain the very best in working standards for companies involved in building swimming pools and spa pools.

SPATA were established in 1961 and today the role of the Trade Association is to work with companies involved in building swimming pools and spa pools so that they are working to British and European Standards. Members are expected to work to SPATA Standards and also to abide by a Code of Ethics set out by SPATA.

Why Choose a SPATA Member?

When choosing your new swimming pool;

  • You want it to look right
  • You want it to be technically well-designed
  • You want a hassle-free installation
  • You want a great investment, at the right price

There are approximately 175 swimming pool companies in the UK, Ireland and overseas that are currently SPATA members. Members include Contractors, Designers, Service Engineers, Trade Suppliers, and Retailers of pool equipment and ancillaries. The benefits of using a SPATA member are clear:

  • The Association has an internationally-respected reputation for quality.
  • SPATA works with other industry bodies to set standards.
  • Members work to industry standards and abide by a Code of Ethics.
  • Customers – whether domestic or commercial – can find the right supplier.

SPATA is a member of BSPF, the British Swimming Pool Federation who are members of EUSA, the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations.

  • Creating a swimming pool demands a wide range of specialist skills.
  • A well-installed and well-maintained pool provides years of pleasure and is an asset in terms of the value of your property, as well.
  • To have a trouble-free installation, it is essential to select a reputable supplier.
  • SPATA Members have to meet minimum criteria before they are accepted into membership.
  • SPATA sets standards governing the construction and operation of pools, spas, saunas and steam rooms – our members have to follow these.
  • Pool contractor members’ work is inspected before they can join, and periodically re-inspected afterwards. We look at the standards of their work and their trading ethics.
  • SPATA has member companies that design, install, equip and maintain domestic and commercial swimming pools, throughout the UK and Ireland. Their combined annual turnover exceeds £400 million
    SPATA works for the industry and its customers. Our services include:

  • Register of Members. Find details of pool contractors in your area.

  • Customer Information Packs. These include a series of free factsheets including a Contract Checklist – questions you should ask any potential supplier, or when to engage a designer to plan and manage the project.
  • Technical advice, for both members and customers.
  • Water Treatment Training Courses: These are available to members and non-members. Click here to view the full syllabus.
  • Dispute Resolution, including a Stakeholder facility to safeguard contract money for both parties.
  • SPATEX the leading exhibition for pool trade professionals.
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