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Waterscan are the UK’s leading water management specialists experienced in delivering bespoke solutions.

Recycling water or utilising alternative sources creates a sustainable, dependable and controllable source of supply, which is essential for business stability. The installation of a tailored water recycling system will reduce potable water use, lower costs and enable businesses to reduce their environmental impact and achieve CSR targets.

Waterscan design, supply, install and maintain innovative systems that deliver water efficiency through rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling and bespoke water reuse. Our expert team have developed a range of bespoke solutions that efficiently collect, filter, store and deliver water to the point of use for toilet flushing, washing vehicles and irrigation for example. Each system is designed in partnership with our clients, with a key focus on achieving the maximum return on investment, and to suit individual project requirements such as space limitations, tank locations etc. Our new wider range ensures there is a solution available for every scenario, from small commercial businesses right through to large industrial buildings.

Waterscan provide the complete package and the combination of design experience, installation expertise and maintenance capability supports clients achieve water savings of up to 40%. In addition to water consumption and financial savings, water recycling can help achieve BREEAM ratings.

Water Recycling CPD seminars –  Waterscan offer 1 hour CPD accredited seminars which present a fantastic opportunity to learn more about why and where water recycling systems should be used and are considered particularly useful for engineering contractors, consultants, architects and commercial water end users.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of water management services including; rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, vehicle wash recycling, alternative water supplies, private water supplies, trade effluent recycling, process water recycling and management, automated metering, invoice validation, historical audit, water leak detection & repair, trade effluent consents and full water strategy production.

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