Access Audit Training – 2 Day Course

If you are looking to undertake access audits this course is for you. It gets your foot on the ladder to understanding what an access audit is, how to go about undertaking one, who can undertake an access audit and help with identifying barriers to access whether in the built environment or undertaking a desktop audit.

This course will include the latest version of BS8300:2018 parts 1 and 2. The trainer, Ian Streets was a member of the drafting panel for this new document.

The course covers:

  • User needs: looking at a range of impairment groups and what helps or hinders them,
  • Problems with buildings: We take a journey from public highway to and through a building looking at access good and bad.
  • What is an access audit?
  • Accessible Environments: Signage and contrast.
  • Legislation: The Equality Act plays centre stage but not forgetting other legislation and guidance.
  • Practical: The last afternoon we practice what we have been learning and discussing over the two days.

The course is interactive throughout the 2 days.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand what an access audit is
  • Pros and cons of report styles, recommendations and priorities
  • Have the means to start undertaking access audits or design appraisals
  • Have knowledge of how the built environment disables people
  • Learn of the different design guidance and legislation applicable to access auditing

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to undertake access audits or be aware of how the built environment helps or hinders accessibility.

No formal qualifications are required but an open mind and a willingness to learn are required.


If you would like a course delivered in-house we can do that at a time and place to suit you, please contact us to find out more.


Available as an in-house course.

Contact Ian Streets for costs