Autodesk 3ds Max 2018

The Complete Guide is designed to give you a solid understanding of 3ds Max features and capabilities from the basics through to the most advanced topics. This course covers Object Selection, Materials and Maps, Animation Basics, and Particle Flow

3ds Max is a complete 3D computer graphics program that helps professionals and artists create 3D animations, astounding environments, models, games, images, and everything in between. The course was created by 3ds Max Expert David Hobson – Davis is a 3ds Max Certified Professional and an Autodesk Certified Instructor. He is also an Accredited Member of the Institute of Videography.

User’s prerequisites – You don’t need any previous experience with Autodesk® 3ds Max® to take this course.

Course Outline

New for 3ds Max 2018
• Working with 3ds MaxRendering with Arnold
• Animation

Introduction to 3ds Max
• Introduction
• Drawing Tools
• Units & Help

Object Selection
• Selection Tools
• Explorer Tools

3d Objects
• Standard Primitives
• Extended Primitives

Working with Architectural Objects
• Architectural Objects
• Doors
• Windows
• Stairs

2D Shapes
• Splines
• Extended Splines

Modifying 2D Shapes
• Modifying Splines
• Selections
• Geometry Rollout

Materials and Maps
• Rendering Images
• Material Tools
• Material Properties
• Other Materials
• Maps

3D Mesh Objects
• Modifying 3D Mesh Objects
• Edit Geometry Rollout
• Editable Poly Objects
• Editable Poly Rollouts

Graphite Modeling Technique
• Polygon Modeling Panel
• Edit Panel
• Geometry Panel
• Modify Selection Panel
• Loops Panel

NURBS Modeling
• Curves and Surfaces
• NURBS Parameter Rollout

Compound Objects
• Compound Objects

• Mesh Modifiers
• Geometry Modifiers
• Material and Map Modifiers

Lights and Cameras
• Lights
• Cameras

Animation Basics
• Animation Controls
• Rendering an Animation

Systems, Hierarchy, and Kinematics
• Ring Array Systems
• Lighting Systems
• Hierarchies
• Bone Systems

Rigid Body Dynamics and Helpers
• Body Dynamics
• Constraints
• Controls and Tools
• Helpers

Particle Flow
• PF Source

Particle Systems and Space Particle
• Systems
• Particle Mesh
• Space Warps
• Deflector Space Warps
• Extended Space Warps