Autodesk Inventor Essentials

Duration: 4 Days*
Designed for: This course covers the essentials of 3D parametric design for new users of Autodesk InventorĀ®.


Some design or engineering experience. It is recommended that you have a working knowledge of Microsoft supporting systems.

Course Description:

Students are introduced to the fundamental principles of 3D parametric part design; learn how to create intelligent parametric parts by capturing design intent, and how this helps to streamline the process of modifying and
documenting designs.

The fundamental principles and recommended workflows for creating 3D assemblies, and learn the proper techniques and recommended workflows for creating, placing, and constraining custom and standard components in an assembly, also how to simulate mechanisms, animate their assembly designs, and check for interferences.

Finally, students learn the proper techniques and recommended workflows for creating base, projected, section, detail, and isometric views of 3D parts and assemblies. Students also learn how to define and follow drafting standards while dimensioning and annotating drawing views.

Course Objectives:

– Understand the fundamental concepts, workflows, and benefits of 3D parametric part and assembly design using Autodesk Inventor
– Locate and navigate the Autodesk Inventor user interface and the multiple design and documentation environments
– Start designing simple parts and assemblies using basic sketching and modelling tools
– Validate designs using various analysis tools
– Create basic engineering drawings from 3D part and assembly models
– Annotate drawings by retrieving dimensions from the 3D model and adding notes, symbols, and tables
– Update drawings as changes are made to the 3D model
– Create photo-realistic images and animations.

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