BIM for Project & Construction Professionals

The BIM Manager course is designed for project and operations staff working on BIM projects. It is ideally suited for Project Managers, BIM Information Managers, engineering staff, modellers and coordinators, who want to gain a broader understanding of BIM outside their specific roles.

Besides getting a broader understanding of BIM principles, you will gain in-depth knowledge of BIM project workflows and methodologies, including detailed learning on project-related documents such as the EIR (Employers Information Requirement) and BEP (BIM Execution Plan).


No prior experience is required for this training course but some exposure to 3D modelling would be beneficial.

Topics Include

  • BIM Project Specification and Guidelines
  • PAS1192 Detailed Review
  • The Information Delivery Cycle
  • Work Stages and Information Delivery Cycle
  • Document Deliverables (AIR, OIR, EIR and BEP)
  • The EIR and Capital Expenditure
  • Fees and Contracts
  • BIM Tendering Process
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • COBie and IFC Schemas in a BIM Project
  • Workflow and Model Exchange
  • Handover
  • Level of Definition
  • Model Organisation and CAD Standards
  • Modelling Best Practises

Course Duration: 2 Days

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