Inventor FEA Stress Analysis

Duration: 1 Day*
Designed for: Experienced Autodesk Inventor users.


Students should have a basic understanding of Autodesk Inventor parametric part and assembly design. It is recommended that you have a working knowledge of supported Microsoft® operating systems.

Course Description:

Learn the fundamental principles and recommended workflows for analyzing designs and creating FEA simulations using Autodesk® Inventor® Professional. Learn how to analyze parts and assemblies, perform parametric design studies, and use modal analysis.

Course Outline:

To introduce users to the user interface, tools, and recommended workflows in the Autodesk Inventor Professional Stress Analysis environment. You may wish to follow this up with further on-site consultancy to explore examples more specific to your business.
Introduction to Engineering Analysis
– Stress Analysis Overview
– Introduction to Stress Analysis GUI
Stress Analysis
– Basic Theory
– Preparing and Running a Simulation
– Load Types
– Constraint Types
– Viewing Results
– Report Generator
– Analyzing Assemblies
– Performing a Parametric Design Study
– Mesh Control and Convergence
– Performing a Modal Analysis

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