september, 2018

18sepalldayRICS Fire Safety Conference 2018

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Integrating and maintaining fire safety throughout the building’s life cycle

This launch event will address the key fire safety considerations, building regulations, identify best practice and provide expert knowledge to best advise your clients.

The tragedies of major fire incidents in recent years have cast a spotlight on fire safety standards, building regulations and risk management. Numerous inquiries have found a need for significant improvements and called for professionals operating within the built environment to take accountability for their role in driving fire safety standards within the sector.

This is leading towards a major cultural shift, with consideration of fire safety at every stage of a building’s life cycle essential to ensuring improved outcomes for the industry as a whole. Understanding the core elements are crucial, from design and engineering, to maintaining fire safety during occupation and ensuring ongoing compliance.

RICS Fire Safety Conference brings together leading experts in the field to address the key considerations, identify best practice and adopt strategies to ensure they are adhering to the highest standards.

Attend this conference to benefit from expert discussion around technical content and guidance, including:

  • International Fire Safety Standards
  • Passive fire protection and insulation
  • Human behaviour and fire
  • Fire-related building defects
  • Detection and suppression systems
  • Performance-based fire engineering
  • Fire safety in different property types
  • Fire testing and risk assessment
  • Remediation – not as straight forward as you think
  • The Golden Thread: a panel discussion on the roles and responsibilities of professionals involved across the building life-cycle

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All Day (Tuesday)


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

7 Pepys St


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