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Digital Twins, high-rise buildings

Digital twins: Improving safety with smart technology

Lee McDougall, geomatic director at building consultancy and architecture practice AHR, looks at how a digital twin can be applied in a high-rise property.
Digital twins, light rail,

Digital twins prove game-changer for Bergen’s light rail extension

Digital twins and advanced BIM processes helped 18 disciplines across five different countries to coordinate a new light rail extension in Bergen, Norway, while reducing costs and cutting construction errors by 25%.
Digital twins,

Infrastructure digital twins: From vision to reality, from idea to action

As digital twins advance beyond BIM and GIS, what do you need to know? Bentley’s founder, Keith Bentley offers sage advice to help you make an impact.

Construction game-changer: A front end approach to digital twins

Midlands-based design and detailing company TDS discusses the value of collaboration and digital modelling at the front end of the design process in a major project at Hong Kong International Airport.
Digital Twins

Making Digital Twins a reality – A practical viewpoint from IES...

Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd discuss Digital Twins in construction, following on from their recent webinar on the hot topic.
Digital twins, construction, BIM

What are digital twins?

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and now the preeminent trend of 2019 – digital twins. How can we make sense of all these buzzwords?
digital twins, built environment,

What do digital twins mean for the built environment?

The concept of digital twins is not new. However, the advance of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is making cyber-physical systems in the built environment practical, useful and affordable.
Decarbonisation, digital twin, built environment

Driving decarbonisation using digital twins

How can digital twins help in the race towards decarbonisation?
Digital twins, digital cities, Bentley systems, Robert Mankowski

Building smarter cities with digital twins

PBC Today talks to Robert Mankowski, vice-president of digital cities at Bentley Systems, about how digital twins can help to plan, design, build and operate smarter infrastructure.
digital twins, wind industry,

Digital twins to revolutionise wind industry, says report

Digital twins promise to revolutionise the wind industry by optimising project performance and maintenance, according to a new report by Navigant Research.
digital twin, manufacturing,

How digital twins are disrupting the manufacturing sector

Ben Sheath, VP and managing director at Siemens PLM Software, takes a look at the value of the digital twin in enabling flexible manufacturing, reducing time to market and cost, all while improving quality.
digital twins, Bentley Systems, geotechnical data,

Bentley Systems acquires Keynetix for underground digital twins

Bentley Systems has acquired Keynetix, a UK-based provider of cloud-based software for capturing, visualising, modelling and sharing geotechnical data.
digital twins, built environment,

Innovating the built environment with digital twins

Matthew Durdin, director at Johnson Controls UK&I explores applications for digital twins in the built environment and how they can be implemented.
Digital twins, Bentley Systems, BIM model,

How do digital twins impact entire cities?

Ton de Vries sits down with PBC Today to discuss the digital twin concept and how it could impact the construction of individual buildings.

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