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Secondary glazing reduces noise at Bolton’s St Patrick’s Church

St Patrick’s Church is located in Bolton, Greater Manchester, it chose Selectaglaze secondary glazing to silence the busses and bypassers for a quiet and peaceful space.
Hindmarsh Hall, secondary glazing,

Case study: Secondary glazing installed in 250 year-old Granary

Selectaglaze's secondary glazing was installed in 250 year-old Granary, Hindmarsh Hall, to provide enhanced thermal insulation.

Secondary glazing supports £4m restoration of London pub

Selectaglaze assisted the refurbishment of the Grade II Listed Fellowship Inn in Bellingham South London, a semi-derelict pub that has recently been repurposed as a new cultural centre for the local community and beyond.
secondary glazing,

Creating a warm and safe study environment with secondary glazing

Selectaglaze’s purpose-made secondary glazing offers the performance and security to help create ideal spaces for learning and research.
School of Fine Art in Leeds, secondary glazing,

Granada delivers secondary glazing at the School of Fine Art in...

Granada’s secondary glazing has helped to deliver comfortable and creative inspiration for art students the School of Fine Art in Leeds.
Secondary Glazing,

Hotel guests sleep soundly thanks to Granada Secondary Glazing

Granada’s secondary glazing enables restored grade II* listed hotel Kimpton Fitzroy to give guests peace and calm while retaining its original character.

Granada Secondary Glazing Ltd

Granada Glazing offers a wide range of secondary glazing products that are manufactured to your bespoke requirements to match all primary windows.
Selectaglaze secondary glazing

What are the rules and regulations of secondary glazing?

Selectaglaze has gained a reputation as a leading secondary glazing specialist, creating sensitive designs with low visual impact, here, they explain the rules and regulations.
Thermal performance

Secondary glazing improves thermal performance at 11th-century hall

With the key issue being heat retention, Selectaglaze has recently upheld tradition at the Blue Mill while improving thermal performance throughout the Grade II* listed hall.
Secondary glazing,

Make hotel rooms more comfortable with secondary glazing

Hotels inhabit traditional buildings with single glazed windows that provide poor insulation; Selectaglaze secondary glazing can reduce heat loss by up to 65%.

Case Study: Selectaglaze’s secondary glazing upgrades 1950s property

A home in the South Downs Conservation Area has recently seen improvements to its noise and thermal insulation with Selectaglaze secondary glazing, making it much quieter.
Secondary glazing, Selectaglaze

Security secondary glazing: The unseen levels of security

Selectaglaze secondary glazing can provide an unseen level of security to any property. It creates a second barrier of protection from the inside that can prevent the most determined thief or protect the occupants from the effects of bomb blast.
secondary glazing, Selectaglaze,

Selectaglaze and Pilkington support CRASH with secondary glazing

Selectaglaze helped create and enhance a computer suite at London homelessness charity, Caritas Anchor House, with secondary glazing as part of their on-going relationship with the CRASH charity.
Secondary Glazing at Stanstead Airport College

Secondary glazing installation at Stansted Airport College

“This is your captain speaking – can you hear me?" How Selectaglaze helped acoustics at the end of a runway at Stansted Airport.

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