Asset Information Management is a vital part of any project


Man and Machine examine the importance of quality Asset Information Management on a project and the role of BIM in enhancing performance

Do we really need the amount of asset information and BIM object data being demanded in tenders and EIR’s for design and build projects? The answer, of course, is it depends. The real question has to be, what I am I going to do with the information at the end of the project? And what about already built facilities with no data?

The answer to both questions could be the new tool launched by Man and Machine in the UK. The BIM for FM tool provided by Ecodomus is focused on improving the way that buildings are designed, built, managed and retrofitted.

Asset information

asset informationAsset information is a critical part of every capital asset. Organisations need this data to manage the use and care of complex physical assets, and it must be complete, comprehensive, accurate and accessible to achieve optimum asset performance. Many studies have shown how poor Asset Information Management (AIM) is the root cause of many asset problems including utilisation issues, low maintenance, efficiency, etc.

At Man and Machine, we believe that using BIM effectively should start at the end, with the facility owner’s needs being built into the built environment’s original requirements. This is an education problem that we address within our BIM Manager Training course that has recently been launched. Once understood, students will understand how the Ecodomus platform can be used to enhance the performance of the built environment.


Ecodomus software provides a 3D view of facilities in an easy-to-use format for facility managers that links BIM with real-time facility operations data acquired via meters & sensors (Building Automation Systems, BAS) and facility management (FM) software. This allows for the intelligent analysis of a building’s performance and enforces better maintenance practices resulting in a significant reduction in hours of labour and energy savings. Perhaps it is best described as BIM middleware for asset owners!

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