UK BIM Alliance announces new vice chair


Casey Rutland, UK director of digital at Royal Haskoning DHV has joined the UK BIM Alliance executive team as vice chair

Casey Rutland is a digital advocate with a focus on company transformation from a people perspective. With over 20 years of experience as an architect working in and leading multidisciplinary teams to deliver sports stadia, city centre developments, healthcare facilities and heritage buildings, he brings a clear, concise empathy-driven communication method to the seemingly vast topic of ‘digital transformation‘.

Rutland said: “I’m really looking forward to bringing my experience and outlook to the UK BIM Alliance vice chair role; there remains a significant need for ‘BIM for Beginners’ resources to bring along the masses of existing small companies that form our industry – it’s this task that drives me.

“Having seen (and continue to see) the immense potential for BIM and digital to transform the industry, I derive great pride from seeing others do the same through the work of the Alliance.

“Last of all, I intend to work with Anne and the fantastic team to build upon their work so far, with a healthy dose of fun along the way!”


Dr Anne Kemp, chair of the UK BIM Alliance, commented: “The Alliance has made great inroads in driving the digital transformation of our Industry. To continue this drive we welcome Casey to the Executive team as vice chair.

“Casey’s level of passion, experience and knowledge is outstanding and shows a great commitment to not only the Alliance but to the industry as whole. I and the rest of the executive team look forward to working with him. Welcome to the team Casey!”


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