Trimble releases contract management software for MEP contractors


Trimble has released its new Trimble Metrics digital estimation and contract management software for MEP contractors

Trimble Metrics is the new cloud-based estimation and contract management software helping MEP contractors to improve their profit margins on small projects by managing all their project costs and cash flows in one place.

Designed specifically to increase profit, Trimble Metrics allows users to perform digital takeoff, create estimates and manage their project profitability in real-time, from tender all the way through to completion.

The easy-to-use contract management software combines graphical takeoff, the LUCKINS database, integrated contract management, and cash-flow visibility with unlimited document storage into one solution that can be accessed via web browser.

Key features of Trimble Metrics include:

  • Easy to use – Trimble Metrics walks the contractor through the simple intuitive training process of creating an estimate step-by-step, from start to finish, eliminating the need for hours of software training.
  • Integrated contract management – Trimble Metrics seamlessly integrates estimation with contract management, so users can automatically transfer the data from won estimates to the contract management section of the software to view the financial metrics of projects.
  • Content library of 500,000+ MEP items – Trimble Metrics is integrated with the LUCKINS Database, the UK’s largest comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date catalogue of Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing items. Trimble Metrics provides users with MEP systems and material picklists to produce accurate material and labour quantity estimates that can also be used for getting quotes and ordering materials from suppliers.
  • Graphical takeoff – Contractors can electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings directly in the software, while automatically filling in the takeoff sheet during takeoff.
  • Cash-flow visibility – Contractors can keep track of project admin with Trimble Metrics to send out and receive procurement lists, quotes, purchase orders and invoices in a sleek, centralised platform.
  • Cloud-hosted – Drawings and estimates can be accessed anywhere at any time, wherever you have an Internet connection. With shared access, office administrators can help set up and finish the estimate – the estimator needs only to worry about filling in the trade-specific detail.

Trimble Metrics is now available for MEP contractors in the United Kingdom.

Contractors, estimators and installers can sign up for a free 60-day trial or purchase it online here.


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