Cyber attack: is your building at risk of criminal threats?


A new survey has revealed that 39 per cent of respondents do not protect smart buildings against the threat of a cyber attack

As the world becomes more digitalised the threat of cyber attack continues to mount. The building sector in particular has seen the growth of smart technologies to control everything from heating to security, but this comes with its own risks.

Cyber attack survey

In a bid to discover how protected buildings and infrastructure are against potential cyber attack, the Electrical Contractors’ Association and Scottish trade organisation SELECT surveyed clients in November and December last year.

The survey examined how firms approached cyber security and included responses from a range of clients including consultants, engineers, end clients, local authorities, and facilities managers.

According to the results of ‘Connected Technology Survey for Clients’ almost four in 10 clients (39 per cent) have not taken measures to protect smart installations in buildings from cyber attack. A further 49 per cent said the risk of hacking remained a barrier to installing connected technology.

Hacking remains a significant concern in the connected technology sector, which can cover anything from HVAC installations, lightning, or security. These technologies communicate with each other via the internet and undertake specific tasks.

While only 20 per cent of the UK’s commercial buildings are deemed as ‘smart’, it is expected the sector will see significant growth in the future. In fact, over the next four years the global Internet of Things market is expected to be worth more than £1 trillion annually.

The Internet of Things will undoubtedly revolutionise how the infrastructure and buildings work but as digitalisation becomes the norm cyber attack will remain a threat. This will need to be addressed if the market is to continue to flourish without putting users at risk from attack.


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