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Building Information Modelling (BIM) has fast become essential in today’s construction industry. The challenge faced by management teams now is to integrate the vast amount of data available in the most useful, accessible way so that it can support effective decision making

Back in the 1980s, StruMIS LTD, formerly AceCad Software employed expertise gained in the oil and gas sectors to develop 3D modelling systems for steel fabrication.

The company has now put its sector expertise to use in BIMReview, a software tool that provides an integrated project hub bringing together data from multiple sources across a complete project lifecycle.

“BIMReview enables you to view all your 3D models simultaneously,” explains StruMIS’ Director Simon Inman. “By importing IFC, STEP, IGES, and CIS/2 models, along with API links, it brings together intelligence from all the major BIM authoring products.”

BIMReview evolution delivers a range of practical benefits:

  • Improved workflow through real-time access to BIM model content across multiple teams.
  • Enhanced decision support through improved collaboration.
  • Immediate identification of clashes and conflicts.
  • Improve planning with 4D timelines for engineering, procurement, suppliers and construction teams.

Because BIMReview enables more efficient working, it has the capability to shrink schedules and reduce the risk of overruns.

“BIMReview is proving to be an invaluable tool because it brings together everything you need to deliver a successful construction project in one easy-to-use desktop application,” says Simon Inman.

Low cost, immediate returns

One of the most appealing things about BIM Review is its low cost of ownership. It enables savings in materials, time and money because all of the information about a construction project is in one place. Because the application can be downloaded and installed within a couple of hours, the return on investment is effectively immediate. The intuitive interface means that users don’t need onsite training, however, extensive support is available as well as online tutorial videos. Cost savings from day one:

  • Eliminate duplication and over-ordering.
  • Better decision making through enhanced information.
  • Immediate availability of essential data.

Enhanced workflows

BIMReview is designed to facilitate collaboration across the project. Architects, owners, consultants, contractors, fabricators and engineers can work on a single process through the same model with a level of accuracy not previously possible. When changes are needed, everyone involved has access to all the models and has the information necessary to make the most valuable input.

Improved project efficiency

By providing real-time access to BIM model content and status throughout the supply chain and across dispersed teams, BIMReview enables more efficient working. Those involved in the project no longer have to locate and cross-reference multiple design models in order to properly understand and understand and resolve issues.

Try BIMReview for free

It’s easy to use. You can download a free trial of BIMReview or request a free demonstration from the BIMReview website:


Mr Simon Inman



Tel: 01332 545800

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