UK BIM Alliance announce formal affiliation programme


The UK BIM Alliance has announced a formal affiliation with Constructing Excellence, the affiliate programme is open to all industry and trade organisations

Both Constructing Excellence and the UK BIM Alliance believe that industry improvement will be driven by all sectors sharing, learning and working together by focusing on digital transformation to enable a better performing built environment.

The affiliate programme aims to bring together the professional institutions, trade associations and any other industry organisations to provide a consistent message and coordinated approach to digital transformation, working across silos to a shared objective.

Alison Nicholl, head of Construction Excellence, said: “We are delighted to be working with UK BIM Alliance. Our mission is to positively disrupt the industry and digital is a key enabler of that.

“Working with UK BIM Alliance will help deliver consistency to the industry around digital transformation and help organisations right across the industry unlock the benefits of digital working.”

Pam Bhandal, UK BIM Alliance engagement lead, said: “The Alliance has made great inroads in driving the digital transformation of our industry.

“To continue this drive we need to address the silo nature of the built environment by working directly with industry associations and trade organisations sharing aligned and consistent messaging. Working with Constructing Excellence is a step forward and I welcome them as a UK BIM Alliance Affiliate.”

Please contact the UK BIM Alliance to find out more.


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