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Structural warranty provider ABC+ Warranty has reported another high level of activity in the construction industry from new build to conversion works

The structural warranty provider is constantly looking at ways to maintain its award-winning services through the whole of the United Kingdom. We already provide the fastest quotation service in the UK so this will bring more benefits to ABC+ customers and staff.

Life Construction

Life Construction is an up-and-coming team of specialist builders, who are bringing a new concept into the construction world, supported and surveyed by ABC+ Warranty principal building surveyor Jason Burns RICS.

Building from the ground up in rural Scotland, Life Construction is tackling a new build for the first time and are looking to progress in the construction market.

Constructing a new build using offsite sustainably manufactured timber frame building creates many benefits for timber frame buildings: cost-effective, labour saving and quick turnaround. Such timber frame buildings are also highly versatile as they can be clad in almost any building material.

Cladding in general should comply with the latest fire regulation requirements found here.

Structural Timber Association (STA).

STA sets out guidance for professionals involved in monitoring timber frame constructions, also using the Building Regulations limiting risk.

Designers will have to specify materials that:

  • Reduce the potential for fire ignition.
  • Limit the spread of fire.
  • Stop the passage of hot gases and smoke.

Structural engineers will influence material choice to provide “passive protection”.

ABC+ Warranties influence

ABC chartered building surveyors perform a desktop assessment, ensuring approved materials carry CE markings. Within the CE marking process, there is a requirement to declare the reaction to fire for timber products.

The required level of fire performance for structures is typically given in terms of a reaction to fire classification and a fire resistance rating, as given in the Building Regulations. In timber frame buildings, fire resistance is typically achieved by providing fire resistant linings to compartment floors and walls.

The spread of fire through concealed cavities is restricted using cavity barriers, typically positioned in the external cavity walls between the timber frame structure and the cladding materials. A cavity barrier is a material filling a gap that provides 30 minutes’ resistance to fire, as proven by fire tests or assessments.

Furnace tests are used to determine the duration of time that a structural assembly retains its stability, insulation and integrity.

Structural timber buildings are designed to be robust against fire. The use of timber in the buildings structure has design principles that are tried and tested in the construction industry and have demonstrated that timber structures can comply with fire regulations.

Life Construction’s timber frame specification:

  • Internal Board: 11mm OSB 13mm Plasterboard External Cladding: T-Vind 11mm OSB Top Plate Support: C24 Timber. Non-combustible horizontal cladding pre-finished colour. Cavity fire stops around openings, first floor, vertical and horizontal cavities.
  • ABC regional monitoring surveyors (RMS) check compliance through the Building Regulations to ensure the robustness of buildings against fire.
  • Fact on Fire – UK Building Regulations and other fire safety regulations are among the most stringent in the world. Timber frame buildings comply with this.
  • The STA provides guidance on how to use such materials in such a way that our buildings are safe, robust, durable and appropriate.
  • Technical experts such as NHBC, TRADA and BRE consider timber frames to be an acceptable method of building.

ABC+ Warranty property insurance.

ABC+ Warranty offers the most cost-effective mortgage lender approved 10-year structural warranty certification in the UK. For Life Construction and our many other satisfied clients, we offer high quality customer service and support from start to finish on your build project. ABC+ is lean and resilient, with forward-thinking investments in both staff and technologies, ensuring customers receive value for money during these uncertain times.

As part of the warranty cover, our principal surveyor Jason has completed a full plan check and, to date, carried out regular Zoom inspections in addition to physical site inspections at key stages of the build process for this type of new build project.

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