Airtightness topic guide published


BSRIA has relaunched a topic guide for airtightness as part of a drive to provide information and answer key questions…

The first release of the BSRIA’s ‘At a Glance’ series is now available and will cover the topic airtightness.

This is defined in the guide as the “uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of a building. It is sometimes known as infiltration or draughts. Air leakage is not to be confused with ventilation, which is controlled airflow in and out of a building”.

The topic guides are designed to be easy to read, delivering key information on industry topics. The series will be relaunched by the BSRIA’s Information Centre.

The documents provide an introduction to a specific topic and will also comprise of a feature from a BSRIA expert on the specified subject. David Bleicher will provide this in the airtightness guide.

Discussing the documents, BSRIA’s Information and Knowledge Manager Jayne Sunley said: “The topic guides are a great way of providing members and non-members alike with good information that will hopefully clarify some of the questions they have about topics they are new to, they’re not designed to be an all-encompassing guide but rather a starting point for anyone looking to learn more.

“The addition of the expert insight is just a way of showing readers that there is more to the topic than they might have first thought.”

The guide, ‘TG07/2015 At a Glance – Airtightness’, provides information on why airtightness is vital for building stock, as well as details on how a building can be tested.

The document outlines how air leakage is caused, where it occurs, and why buildings should be tested for airtightness. The guide also discusses how to incorporate airtightness into the planning process.

The full document can be accessed here:

Other titles will be published in the future on topics such as Legionella, Data Centres, and Smart Technology.


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