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artificial intelligence (ai)

HS2 use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help develop future stations

An SME graduate of HS2’s Innovation Accelerator programme is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help design future HS2 stations.
tackling the climate crisis

Tackling the climate crisis through AI

Brian Hills, CEO of The Data Lab, Scotland’s innovation centre for data and AI, discusses the role of AI in tackling the climate crisis and the development of a new tool that will help housing associations and developers to make their properties more energy efficient.
risk assessment app, AI

Kier Highways begins trial of new risk assessment app

Kier Highways have begun trails on a new innovative risk assessment app 'FYLD', which conducts digital risk assessments which will save time, increase safety, and boost collaborative working practices.
visual intelligence

How can visual intelligence help develop a more sustainable built environment?

Linda Wade, CEO of the visual digital twin platform, Spinview, explores how visual intelligence can unlock the value of buildings and infrastructure data and contribute to sustainable built environment goals.
BIM software

Bricsys AI-driven workflow provides different approach to BIM

Bricsys has announced the launch of its latest BIM software, BricsCAD® BIM V22, which delivers new improvements to the unique AI-driven workflow, all in a familiar DWG platform.
COINS Grand Challenge

Driving innovation: AI timber design system and self-healing concrete

Winners have been announced for the 2021 COINS Grand Challenge, a global competition organised by Construction Industry Solutions (COINS), which aims to drive innovation across the construction industry.

ALICE: How AI is challenging the status quo for construction

René Morkos, CEO and founder of ALICE Technologies, discusses how AI and technology are rewriting the rules for the delivery of critical infrastructure.
Artificial intelligence construction

Stop talking about AI’s potential in construction – it’s here now

Rene Morkos, CEO of ALICE Technologies and an adjunct professor at Stanford University, argues that Artificial Intelligence can contribute to the transformation of the nation's infrastructure here and now.
BIM Today September

BIM Today September 2021

Welcome to the September edition of BIM Today, which looks at a range of issues, innovations and challenges in the world of BIM and digital construction technology.
AI technology, data, AI,

Scaling the AI mountain with multilingual information for built assets

A joint venture between Guildhawk and Hong Kong-based Gammon Construction, supported by the Department for International Trade, aims to harness AI technology to facilitate multilingual information for built assets and link data to newly created digital twins to help create the smart cities of tomorrow.
AI and machine learning,

Artificial intelligence: On the verge to disrupt and transform the building lifecycle

Don Jacob, VP technology, Build & Construction Division at the Nemetschek Group, discusses the relevance of AI for the building lifecycle.
building emissions rates

New AI system predicts building emissions rates in under a second

Computer scientists at Loughborough University have partnered with Cundall to create an artificial intelligence system that can predict building emissions rates (BER).
collision avoidance, proximity cameras,

Countryside adopts artificial intelligence proximity cameras

Countryside is the first UK developer to implement Safety Shield artificial intelligence collision avoidance technology across its sites.
HS2 virtual reality

Virtual reality brings HS2 Old Oak Common to life

As part of its innovation programme, HS2 is developing virtual reality (VR), eye-tracking and emotion-sensing technology to be used to develop how passengers will navigate their way around the new HS2 station at Old Oak Common.
facial recognition, technology,

Facial recognition introduced on UK’s first National Robotarium site

Robertson Construction has introduced facial recognition technology on its National Robotarium project in Edinburgh to support contactless site entry for the workforce.

Making a foray into AI for applications in the AEC industry

How can Artificial Intelligence change and improve the architecture, engineering and construction sector?
smart building, artificial intelligence,

Artificial Intelligence: A game-changer for smarter, safer buildings?

Over the past decade, we have grown used to hearing of smart buildings and smart devices without there necessarily being any agreed definition of what they mean – the BSRIA explores why
ai platform construction,

Procore acquires construction intelligence company INDUS.AI

Procore Technologies has acquired INDUS.AI, makers of an artificial intelligence-powered analytics platform for the construction industry.
Smart sensors,

British tech start-up to prevent construction deaths in Philippines

Tech start-up, UtterBerry and project partner Connected Places Catapult have been chosen to make construction in the Philippines safer using innovative smart sensors.
Facility management, facilities managers, facilities management

The future of facility management is augmented reality

One in five facilities managers use augmented reality today with over 70% expected to use it in the next two years. Gailia Rosen Schwarz, VP of business development at Resonai, discusses a new report asking FM professionals how the technology is helping them to do their jobs better, faster and more easily.
BIM Today March 2021

BIM Today March 2021

Welcome to BIM Today March 2021, in which our expert contributors examine latest issues, innovations and challenges in the world of BIM, AI and digital construction.
BIM and AI

BIM and AI: A marriage of two minds

Buildots examines the different strands of technology that feed into BIM, highlighting why the alignment of BIM with AI, in particular, is really maximising processes across complex, control-essential construction projects.
PBC Today February 2021

PBC Today February 2021

Our first edition of 2021 looks at how architecture, engineering and construction are facing up to the challenges of planning reform, project delivery, digital transformation and moving towards a net-zero future against the backdrop of Covid-19 and lockdown 3.0.
reducing embodied carbon, machine learning

Reducing embodied carbon through AI and machine learning

Computer scientists at the University of the West of England are developing software that uses AI and machine learning to help construction companies reduce the amount of embodied carbon in their building and infrastructure projects. Dr Lukman Akanbi explains how the project could help the UK achieve its net zero targets.
Integrated data, digital tools

Integrated data in construction: The ‘key to success’ in 2021 and beyond

The recent challenges brought on by Covid-19 have shown the construction industry to be willing to adopt new technologies. Social distancing measures have forced construction to adapt to digital tools faster and more comprehensively than ever before.
bim software,

BricsCAD® BIM V21 keeps ‘design first’

Now in its sixth major release, BricsCAD® BIM V21 offers a design-centric approach to the architect’s segment of the building design, construction, and lifecycle management workflow.

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