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The digital role in passive fire protection

In this article, Siderise Insulation explains how digital tools can help to ensure long-term passive fire protection for buildings.
Construction Worker Using Tablet for Geospatial Data

How can location data be used as a strategic national asset?

The UK’s efficient pandemic response demonstrated the power of location data as a strategic national asset and to tackle coordination challenges when used, shared and reused effectively, says Chris Chambers, deputy director of NUAR delivery at the Geospatial Commission.
better connected construction projects

Data is your mortar for better connected construction projects

The industry is facing many uncontrollable challenges. Rising material prices, fuel costs and labour shortages are eroding traditional profit margins. But how can data be used for better connected construction projects?.
construction supply chain data

Barbour ABI partners with PLACEMAKE.IO to enhance construction supply chain data

Construction industry intelligence provider, Barbour ABI, has announced a partnership with PLACEMAKE.IO that will enhance the construction supply chain data offered to mutual clients.
construction industry’s answer to climate change

Why data is the construction industry’s answer to climate change

Dr Graham Kelly, director of BIM Academy, discusses how taking control of data can help to shape smarter choices around building operation, energy use and construction products to create a more sustainable built environment.
data center consultancy

Ramboll acquires US data center consultancy EYPMCF

Ramboll announces it has acquired leading data center consultancy EYP Mission Critical Facilities (EYPMCF).
Engineering information, Integrated engineering, construction,

How data can supercharge construction projects

Vanessa Erickson, capital project portfolio expert at AVEVA, discusses how integrated engineering information can empower connected working and supercharge construction.
Site sourcing,

Data, technology and the evolution of site sourcing

Finding the right site is all-important for any development – but the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Hugh Gibbs, co-founder of SearchLand, says harnessing data and digital technology can give developers a head-start.
transport location data,

Government reveals transport location data competition winners

The Geospatial Commission has today (19 August) announced the winners of phase 2 of its £5m Transport Location Data Competition which was launched in May.
geospatial commission board

Geospatial Commission appoints new commissioner to board

Alexandra Notay joins the Board of the Geospatial Commission replacing Dame Kate Barker whose term ended on 30 June 2021.

Data insights ‘save construction firms £253,000 a year’

The demand for data insights and increased performance visibility is growing amongst construction companies, according to Procore.
transport location data

Mott MacDonald and Alchera win £2m transport location data competition

Mott MacDonald and Alchera Technologies have secured funding from the Geospatial Commission to help solve transport challenges using geospatial data.
location data, geospatial,

Winners of £2m location data competition revealed

28 companies have been handed a slice of £2m as part of the Geospatial Commission’s transport location data competition.
Predictive engineering, big data

Predictive engineering analytics, big data and the future of design

Data has evolved from a tool for looking at the past to one that can predict the future, Ravi Shankar and Jan Larsson discuss more.

Creating a robust data foundation for digital transformation

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation – but data transformation, using trusted information to learn about products, customers and competition, should be part of any company strategy, says Peter Ruffley, chief executive of Zizo.
BIM toolbox, specialist contractors

FIS updates BIM toolbox for specialist contractors

The Finishes and Interior Sector (FIS) has launched an updated BIM toolbox to enable specialist contractors to develop and deliver a BIM implementation plan.
Artificial intelligence, technology

How COMPLIANT is your Artificial Intelligence?

Ryan Dempsey considers the nature of compliance, technology and why his company is rebranding to remove the word ‘compliance’ from the frontline.
Drone technology

Drone technology’s role in Highways England’s roadmap to digital revolution

Highways England’s 15-year roadmap for connected and autonomous plant aims to support a digital revolution in construction. Ian Tansey of ProDroneWorx takes a look at the plan and the role of drone technology.
BIM Today June 2020

BIM Today June 2020

In the June edition of BIM Today, with the UK still in lockdown due to Covid-19, this issue takes a look forward to a future hopefully not too far away as we return to some kind of normal.
AEC Delta Mobility, data sharing,

Setting a new industry standard for data sharing

The Innovate UK-funded AEC Delta Mobility project is nearing completion of a new industry standard for data sharing.
big data, artificial intelligence,

How construction firms can capitalise on their data

You have data – here’s what to do with it, says Karthik Venkatasubramanian, vice-president of data and analytics at Oracle Construction & Engineering.
geospatial agreement, location data,

New 10-year geospatial agreement to bolster UK location data

The UK government has announced a 10-year ‘Public Sector Geospatial Agreement’, delivered by Ordnance Survey, to increase location data available to the public sector.
BIM Today,

BIM Today March 2020

In this edition of BIM Today, we look at the role of digital transformation in achieving a sustainable future, the evolution of the digital twin, how to cope with the ever-growing flow of data from smart buildings and a pioneering research project into 7D BIM.
construction industry, upturn, Actavo Direct

How can businesses take advantage of the construction industry upturn

The construction industry expected to increase by 5% by the end of 2021, James Hepton looks at how businesses can reap the rewards of an industry on the up.
commercial buildings, AI,

AI system to determine energy efficiency of commercial buildings

A system which uses artificial intelligence to determine the energy and cost efficiency of commercial buildings is being developed by the University of West of England (UWE Bristol), engineering firm TerOpta and Costain.

Data is DEAD: The evolution of information in construction

Ryan Dempsey, founder and chief executive of The Compliance Workbook, discusses the importance of evolving the way information is presented and used.

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