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Common Data Environment

Common Data Environment (CDE) in construction refers to a cloud-based data management system where information from construction projects is stored and accessible to project managers and key project participants.

vehicle storage support programme

Asite chosen for £259m British Army Vehicle Storage Support Programme

Skanska has chosen Asite as the data management platform for the British Army’s Vehicle Storage Support Programme.
urban centre in London

Creating a new £4bn urban centre in London

How a common data environment is ensuring all project data is accessible within three clicks for the highly ambitious Canada Water project, a new £4bn urban centre in London.
organisations cde

Taming construction chaos: Report takes deep dive into benefits of CDE

On a typical construction project mistakes crop up. A report by Asite helps organisations make their own business case for a Common Data Environment (CDE).
common data environment, construction software

What you should consider when evaluating a common data environment

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming increasingly prevalent in the design and delivery of construction projects. The Common Data Environment (CDE) is crucial in fully realising the benefits of BIM - but how do you make sure you pick the right one?
common data environment

Tilbury Douglas selects Asite’s common data environment

Tilbury Douglas has chosen the Asite Common Data Environment (CDE) to support the delivery of its construction projects across the UK.
Common data environments construction (CDE)

Technology mythbusting: Using Common Data Environments in construction

Andrew Martin of Egnyte challenges some of the myths that have arisen around Common Data Environments and the reliability of construction data in the cloud.
digital ecosystem, Construction Innovation Hub

Partnership to develop ‘digital ecosystem’ to support construction

The Construction Innovation Hub has partnered up with Cardiff University and its Digital Compliance (D-COM) network, to develop a ‘digital ecosystem’ to support construction firms in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.
Asite Platform, Online integrated solutions

Noble Legend to advance Asite platform in East Asia

Online integrated solutions provider, Noble Legend has joined the Asite Ecosystem to advance the growth of the Asite platform in East Asia.
Field View, RED system, viewpoint

RED Systems uses Field View to track workers’ health and safety

RED Systems is using Viewpoint’s Field View solution to track the health and safety of its workers during the pandemic.
AI in construction (AI, artificial construction)

Building the foundations for AI in construction

The use of big data and reliance on machine learning capability are becoming standard project control tools. Niru Sundararajah, a data scientist for Aecom’s Cost Intelligence Europe team, shares his perspective on how solid foundations for data management are crucial to successful analytical outcomes using AI in construction.
Digital twins, data, construction,

Digital twins, data quality and digital skills

Like many industries, engineering and construction is seeing a greater digitisation of the sector that is being driven both externally and internally. At the heart of this change lies a growing interest in using data across built asset projects. Frank Weiss, senior director at Oracle Construction and Engineering explains.
data center, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Asite to open new data center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Asite is set to open its new data center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it works towards providing the best facilities to support infrastructure and capital projects in the region.
BIM360, bim software,

How has BIM impacted building design and what’s coming next?

BIM is often described as a technology, automation, or a particular piece of software. However, it is actually a process that produces a building information model amongst other things. Dr Kristopher Dane, vice president and director of digital design at Thornton Tomasetti explores this further.
Structural engineering, allplan,

ALLPLAN’s openBIM approach for structural engineering

BIM for structural engineering has typically been hampered by various issues. The lack of an integrated yet flexible design solution for the entire project team leads to inefficient working methods and manual errors. Combined with the trend towards larger projects, greater detail and freeform shapes, it is clear that structural engineering workflows need to adapt to meet all these requirements.
construction management,

Asite to enhance construction management across Paynters portfolio

Asite has been chosen to enhance collaboration and construction management across Paynters’ project portfolio in Queensland, Australia.
Construction Computing Awards

Asite named as finalists in Construction Computing Awards 2020

Asite has been named as finalists in four categories at this year’s Construction Computing Awards.
Digital engineering, HS2

What does digital engineering mean to HS2?

HS2 is the first major infrastructure programme to adopt digital engineering, with BIM at its core, head of digital engineering Dr Sonia Zahiroddiny explains how it works.
ISO 27001,

Asite receives ISO 27001 security certification

Asite has received the ISO 27001 security certification across all its products, services, offices, and operations globally.
virtual desktop software

Virtual desktop software to support AEC collaboration

Inevitech has launched Inevidesk, a virtual desktop software to help professionals in the architecture, construction, and engineering (AEC) industry collaborate and innovate from anywhere.
CDE solution

Sir Robert McAlpine adopts new CDE solution

Sir Robert McAlpine has adopted a common data environment (CDE) from SaaS provider Business Collaborator (BC), now part of Bentley Systems.
Open collaboration platform

Open collaboration platform integrates with Microsoft 365 and BIMcollab

Trimble has integrated Microsoft 365 and BIMcollab with its open collaboration platform, Trimble® Connect™.
Common Data Environment,

Asite’s CDE to streamline collaboration across Ogilvie Construction sites

Asite’s Common Data Environment (CDE) will be used on all of Ogilvie Construction’s current and upcoming construction projects.
Project Portfolio Management,

Asite provides Baxall with Project Portfolio Management solution

Baxall Construction has enlisted the help of Asite to support the development, refurbishment and building of schools, police stations and community hubs across the South East of England.
Asite platform, Power BI

Asite platform integrates with Microsoft Power BI

Power BI reports can now be embedded into the Asite platform dashboard, enabling fast and easy access to project data.
product data, product information,

Construction manufacturers urged to ‘digitise product data’

A new initiative aims to get manufacturers in the construction industry to take ownership of their product information, this project is being supported by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the UK BIM Alliance.
BIM Today September 2020

BIM Today September 2020

Welcome to the September edition of BIM Today. This issue looks at some of the increasingly diverse and innovative applications of BIM, IoT, machine learning and other digital construction techniques around the world.

Common Data Environment

Common Data Environment (CDE) in construction refers to a cloud-based data management system where information from construction projects is stored and accessible to project managers and key project participants.