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Greater Manchester community sites granted free fibre broadband

Greater Manchester community sites granted free fibre broadband

17 Greater Manchester community sites have been granted free fibre broadband connectivity until 2025, as part of a digital infrastructure and inclusion programme from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and Virgin Media Business.
primary school's broadband

£82m investment to upgrade rural primary schools’ broadband

Up to 3,000 schools and surrounding areas across rural England will receive funding in a joint investment from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Department for Education (DfE), aimed at improving primary schools’ broadband.
smart offices digital built Britain

Why smart offices are the future of digital built Britain

"Smart offices are the future of digital built Britain", says Mike Hook, executive director at LMG. Here he looks at the uptake of smart buildings for improved sustainability and better occupant experience.
new building regulations gigabit broadband new builds

What do the new building regulations mandating gigabit broadband mean for housebuilders?

Mikael Sandberg, executive chairman, VX Fiber, discusses the proposal for new building regulations to ensure new builds are fitted with gigabit broadband and what this means for housebuilders.
Illuminate trial

Kier’s new Illuminate trial paves the way for digital roads

Kier Highways has revealed their Illuminate trial, which tests how existing highway infrastructure could be used to help make digital roads a reality.
Scotland’s healthcare estate

NHS Scotland work to digitise the healthcare estate

NHS Scotland, in collaboration with the Construction Innovation Hub, is working to accelerate the digitisation of Scotland’s healthcare estate.
Net zero goals

Can digital engineering facilitate a faster route to achieving net zero goals?

Gavin Bonner, head of digital engineering at Cundall, discusses the role of BIM and digital technology in decarbonising the built environment and why data is key to unlocking our net zero ambitions.
underground utilities map

Atkins to deliver ‘revolutionary’ UK-wide digital underground utilities map

Atkins has been appointed by the Geospatial Commission to create a digital map of underground pipes and cables which will ‘revolutionise’ construction and development across the country.
information management in construction

Report: Information management in construction can aid UK’s recovery

Every £1 invested in information management (IM) in the construction sector could secure up to £6 of labour time savings and boost government efforts to reach net zero carbon targets, according to a new report.
Digital technologies, digital transformation

Digital technologies: Upskilling for rapid urbanisation

Lukasz Adamik, UK vice-president of consulting at Microdesk, looks at how companies can get the right training partner for rapid urbanisation.
digital twin hub,

Skills for a Digital Built Britain

Realising the digital transformation of the built environment sector will rely on the workforce having the necessary skills. The Centre for Digital Built Britain has published a new framework on the DT Hub to help organisations prepare for the future.
Building resilience, infrastructure, critical infrastructure,

Reconsidering resilience and infrastructure

Amid great challenges and change, we need to rethink how we look at resilience of critical infrastructure and adopt a whole-life approach.
project management software

Asite to support project management initiative for Northern Natural Gas

Asite was chosen as the Portfolio Project Management (PPM) solution to support system integrity, reliability, efficiency and public safety for the interstate pipeline system of Northern Natural Gas
PBC Today February 2021

PBC Today February 2021

Our first edition of 2021 looks at how architecture, engineering and construction are facing up to the challenges of planning reform, project delivery, digital transformation and moving towards a net-zero future against the backdrop of Covid-19 and lockdown 3.0.
BIM Today December 2020

BIM Today December 2020

Welcome to BIM Today December 2020. In this issue, we look at the key programmes, initiatives and organisations that have been helping to drive forward the digital transformation and modernisation of construction during this most challenging of years.
DT Hub, digital twins, built environment

Digital Twin Hub marks a successful first six months

The Centre for Digital Built Britain’s Digital Twin Hub (DT Hub) has signed up more than 700 members since it was launched in March. Find out more about this exciting, fast-growing community and how it can help you to accelerate your digital twin strategy.
Built environment, women in bim, bim

Women in BIM: Thoughts on the future of construction

Women in BIM core team members Rebecca De Cicco, director of Digital Node, Vicki Reynolds, chief information officer at i3PT Certification, and Dr Jenni Barrett, director at coLAB and senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, discuss what has impressed them the most in the past five years and what future technology trends they predict for 2021.
built environment

Four Futures, One Choice: The construction industry in 2040

A new study examines four scenarios for how the construction sector and the built environment will look by 2040. Lead author Dr Didem Gürdür Broo discusses how the choices we make today can shape a better future.
DfMA, Digital Built Britain

The Forge: Quantifying the value of P-DfMA and digital delivery

The Centre for Digital Built Britain, as part of the Construction Innovation Hub, is supporting a ground-breaking commercial development. Thayla Zomer, a research student embedded in the project team, reports on her work assessing the benefits to industry of applying Modern Methods of Construction and a digital delivery approach to a commercial development.
ISO 19650,

ISO 19650 information management guidance updated

BSI, the Centre for Digital Built Britain and the UK BIM Alliance have released updated guidance for information management to support BS EN ISO 19650.
BIM Framework Learning Outcomes, Centre for Digital Built Britain

New support for BIM training

Ahead of planning for 2021 training and higher education courses for BIM, the new UK BIM Framework Learning Outcomes Edition 1 provides a free resource aligned with current standards. Nicola Pearson sets out the benefits and calls for feedback.

The BIEG breaks ground on BIM Interoperability programme

Fiona Moore, chair of the BIM Interoperability Expert Group (BIEG), shares the group’s progress to date, and how they will be working in partnership with industry to co-develop solutions.
BIM Interoperability, BIEG,

Industry supports positive impact of BIM Interoperability

The CDBB, responsible for delivering the government’s BIM programme, has published a summary report following the public consultation on the CDBB’s BIEG report launched in April 2020.
BIM Today June 2020

BIM Today June 2020

In the June edition of BIM Today, with the UK still in lockdown due to Covid-19, this issue takes a look forward to a future hopefully not too far away as we return to some kind of normal.
BS EN ISO 19650-2,

Information Protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2

BSI, the Centre for Digital Built Britain, the UK BIM Alliance and the Construction Industry Council has released the Information Protocol to support BS EN ISO 19650-2 the delivery phase.
DT Hub (digital twin community), digital twins

DT Hub: Bringing together the digital twin community

Following the official launch of the Centre for Digital Built Britain’s Digital Twin Hub, Samuel Chorlton, chair of the DT Hub, considers the competencies, skills and cultural changes integral to the successful adoption of digital twins.

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