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BIM Level 3 - help

On the road to BIM Level 3 we must not overlook BIM Level 2

In the drive to adopt BIM Level 2, John Eynon, Owner/Director of Open Water Consulting, argues that we should all be helping each other I found this statement on the website BCG Digital Ventures a while ago: "Corporations will own the next horizon of innovation. “We have entered a decade of disruption of...
digitising planning

Digitising planning – developing trust and engagement

John Twitchen, PCSG’s Head of Cities and Communities calls for planners to digitise planning and notes the benefits for all parties involved in the process
The UK BIM Alliance for Digital transformation

The UK BIM Alliance – time for digital transformation

The UK BIM Alliance will help, encourage & support industry to adopt BIM Level 2 & provide the digital transformation that is required.
The UK BIM Alliance supporting the communities by coordinating collateral and knowledge.

UK BIM Alliance – moving forward with The Survey Association

Martin Penney, BIM Liaison for The Survey Association, Acting Chair for Survey4BIM Committee and Member of the UK BIM Alliance Transition Team, outlines how the organisations are working together for the development of BIM in the UK.
BIM Mandate

UK shares BIM mandate experience across Australia

Mark Bew, head of the UK Government’s Digital Built Britain programme and chairman of consultant PCSG travels to Australia this month to share learning from the UK’s recent experiences of implementing a mandate to use BIM across public sector procurement.

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