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preventing legionella

Preventing legionella with IoT, automation and digital processes

Organisations across the UK are responsible under health and safety legislation for preventing legionella and other known pathogens in freshwater systems – but the process can require a lot of time, effort and expense. Automation, digitisation and the internet of things could help drive effective change, says Chris Potts, marketing director of ANT Telecom.
infrastructure 4.0

Digital technologies will power the shift to Infrastructure 4.0

Infrastructure desperately needs updating and modernising to withstand the effects of climate change, rapid urbanisation and sustainability regulations. Digital technologies provide the tools to do so, says Gary Wong, industry principal – global infrastructure and water, AVEVA.
construction IT

Construction gold standard needs gold standard IT strategy

Professor David Mosey's independent review of public sector construction frameworks has called for a new "gold standard" for procurement. Realising this ambition will also require a gold standard construction IT strategy, says Walter Hume of Rimini Street .
cyberattacks in construction

How to mitigate cyberattacks in construction

PCB Today speaks with José Pinos, head of security at Atech, about cyberattacks in construction and the approaches to take to prevent them.
5g network

Bam Nuttall announces new 5G construction project

Bam Nuttall has announced that the company is using new 5G network innovation technology on their SSEN Transmission Shetland project to help meet Shetland’s future energy needs.
Unified Communication

Why unified communication is key for the construction industry

Kristian Torode, director and co-founder of Crystaline, explores why construction needs to up its communication game.
construction data security

Boosting cybersecurity for better construction management

How Viewpoint for projects is helping UK contractors better control who gets access to vital project data, when and how.
Construction communication (contract communication)

Cloud-based solutions to minimise contract miscommunication?

With many disputes that arise within the construction industry being due to poor or ambiguous communication, director at Sypro and NEC4 co-author, Dr Stuart Kings, examines why the cloud-based leap is central to better contract communication.
5G in construction, 5G, Wifi,

How 5G on construction sites is raising the bar

As super-fast internet becomes essential to modern building practices, the industry now needs the connectivity capabilities to meet data demand. PJ Farr, managing director of UK Connect, explains how the role of 4GLTE, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will enhance on site connectivity, making construction safer, smarter and more efficient.

CityFibre invests £80m into Brighton & Hove’s fibre future

Construction work for Brighton & Hove's full fibre network has officially commenced in the Bevendean area, with the rest of the city set to follow over the next 4 to 5 years.
construction cloud platform

Middle East developer to use Asite’s construction cloud platform

Asite’s construction cloud platform will streamline project information and enhance collaboration across the full lifecycle of Aldar Properties’ assets.
Built environment, women in bim, bim

Women in BIM: Thoughts on the future of construction

Women in BIM core team members Rebecca De Cicco, director of Digital Node, Vicki Reynolds, chief information officer at i3PT Certification, and Dr Jenni Barrett, director at coLAB and senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, discuss what has impressed them the most in the past five years and what future technology trends they predict for 2021.
Digital twins, data, construction,

Digital twins, data quality and digital skills

Like many industries, engineering and construction is seeing a greater digitisation of the sector that is being driven both externally and internally. At the heart of this change lies a growing interest in using data across built asset projects. Frank Weiss, senior director at Oracle Construction and Engineering explains.

How is BIM an enabler for digital processes?

Roy Danon, CEO and co-founder of Buildots explains why BIM is the single enabler for many modern technologies that are being developed for the sector, making it critical for companies to adopt BIM so they won’t fall behind in the race.
Institute of Technology, IoT, East Riding College

Construction work commences on Institute of Technology centre

Construction of the new Institute of Technology at East Riding College in its Beverley campus has commenced.
Bentley Systems, digital twins

Bentley Systems and Microsoft to accelerate digital twin innovations

Bentley Systems and Microsoft Corp will be joining forces to focus on advancing infrastructure for smart city urban planning and smart construction.
mitie, low carbon footprint

Mitie reduces Vodafone’s carbon footprint

Mitie has helped Vodafone UK save 100-gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy in three years, the equivalent of 25,000 tonnes of CO2.
Digital transformation, SME, Construction industry

Why SMEs are vital to digital transformation

With SMEs accounting for the vast majority of the construction supply chain, adopting digital transformation could bring significant benefits for the whole industry, yet the evidence suggests they are being left behind. What needs to change?
Predictive engineering, big data

Predictive engineering analytics, big data and the future of design

Data has evolved from a tool for looking at the past to one that can predict the future, Ravi Shankar and Jan Larsson discuss more.
Living Lab, Energy Systems

Upgraded Living Lab launched for home innovation trials

Energy Systems Catapult has relaunched an upgraded Living Lab for innovators, backed by the Prime Minister’s Council for Science & Technology (CST) – with a new digital integration platform and other significant improvements over lockdown.
Internet of Things,

The promise and benefits of IoT in the construction sector

Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere these days, with people referring to how they are planning for, talking about or developing for it. With the prevalence of IoT, what does it mean for construction and property management in the healthcare space/facilities? Will it actually provide real benefits and efficiencies...
BIM Today September 2020

BIM Today September 2020

Welcome to the September edition of BIM Today. This issue looks at some of the increasingly diverse and innovative applications of BIM, IoT, machine learning and other digital construction techniques around the world.

Counting the carbon cost to transform building

The drive towards a more sustainable environment is important ecologically and economically. Rhys Tyler and David Philp of AECOM discuss how BIM and machine learning can be deployed to count the cost of carbon and transform how and what we build.
heating system,

Smart heating controls: How to ensure you are protected

Pete Mills, technical operations manager for Bosch Commercial & Industrial, explains what to look out for when choosing a smart heating system control.
iot in housing, social housing,

IoT in housing: The time is now

Following a world-first agreement to install real-time monitors in thousands of social homes in Renfrewshire, iOpt founder and managing director Dane Ralston says it is now time for IoT adoption in housing to become the “new normal”.

IoT data: Maximising its value

Nick Sacke, head of IoT and products at Comms365, explains that stakeholders need to fully understand how to integrate these new data sources into existing data platforms and get the most value from it.

Internet of Things (IoT)