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New Home Warranty

Your new home warranty guide

This ebook from Build-Zone Insurance offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to a new home warranty.
fire safety

Rebuilding trust in a Post-Grenfell world

In this White Paper, UL, a global leader in safety science, looks at how the fallout from the Grenfell disaster shattered trust between tenants and landlords, building owners and contractors, construction companies and the products they use, as well as the testing and certification system meant to provide quality assurance.
construction case update

Construction Case update – Autumn 2021

Welcome to the Autumn 2021 Construction Case Update from Gateley Vinden. Chief executive Peter Vinden examines collateral warranties and Hayley Sullivan, construction partner at Gateley Legal, discusses the Civil Justice Council's report on compulsive alternative dispute resolution.
Building Lifecycle Intelligence

Building Lifecycle Intelligence

This ebook looks at the role of Nemetschek's solutions and services in creating Building Lifecycle Intelligence in a wide range of projects around the globe.
secondary glazing

Warmer, quieter and safer places with secondary glazing

In this new ebook, Selectaglaze examines how secondary glazing creates warmer environments, quieter places and safer surroundings.
The Ultimate Guide to 3D Technology in Concrete Construction Workflows

The ultimate guide to 3D technology in concrete construction workflows

This ebook from imaging, measurement and realisation technology specialist Faro offers the ultimate guide to using 3D technology in concrete construction workflows.
housing crisis

The future of housebuilding and construction

In this new ebook, the Access Group argues that the lack of supply, when combined with emerging challenges and barriers at home and internationally, mean the construction industry must now accept that the old ways of working alone are not going to solve the problem.

Premier Guarantee: Pre-plaster

This Pre-plaster ebook by Premier Guarantee gathers together Technical Updates offering additional guidance on a number of key areas.
technical updates roofs

Premier Guarantee technical updates: Roofs

This ebook brings together a collection of Technical Updates from Premier Guarantee covering roof design, installation, maintenance and performance standards to satisfy its warranty scheme.
Modular advantage

Modular Advantage July-August 2021

This edition of Modular Advantage magazine, published by the Modular Building Institute (MBI), covers the affordable housing crisis and the growing array of solutions provided by the modular construction industry.
adjudication, dispute, dispute resolution,

Gateley Vinden: Summer 2021 Construction Case Update

The Summer 2021 Construction Case Update from Gateley Vinden offers valuable insights on the key issues in adjudication, mediation and dispute resolution affecting the industry.
common data environment, construction software

What you should consider when evaluating a common data environment

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming increasingly prevalent in the design and delivery of construction projects. The Common Data Environment (CDE) is crucial in fully realising the benefits of BIM - but how do you make sure you pick the right one?
modular design

Modular Advantage: Modular Design edition

This special, expanded edition of the Modular Building Institute’s Modular Advantage magazine explores the people and ideas behind one of the most important aspects of modular construction: design.
Flame Retardant Wood Panels

Specification guide: Flame retardant wood panels

In Part One of this specification guide to flame retardant wood panels, innovative timber product specialist MEDITE SMARTPLY offers a comprehensive overview of the terminology covering these materials and related fire testing standards.
End-to-end visibility

Delivering End-to-End visibility in construction

This ebook from The Access Group looks at the challenging conditions for construction over the past year, both in terms of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and in navigating a complex supply chain picture.
Modular Advantage: World of Modular preview

Modular Advantage: World of Modular preview

This edition of Modular Advantage previews the upcoming 2021 World of Modular conference and digital trade show, taking place on an all-digital platform.
technology and software

Walking the razor’s edge: Data to boost margins and productivity

This ebook from The Access Group takes a look at how harnessing data and software can ensure companies can respond faster to opportunities, can bid for work with confidence and, ultimately, frees up the QS to do what they do best.
Modular Advantage

Modular Advantage: The innovation edition

This edition of Modular Advantage puts the spotlight on innovation and the seismic changes being brought about in construction.
Construction Case

Winter 2020: Gately Construction Case Update

The latest Construction Case update from Gateley Legal offers an in-depth look at the issues surrounding remediation, the draft Fire Safety Bill and the draft Building Safety Bill.

How insulated metal-faced panels influence UK commercial construction

This new ebook from Hemsec looks at insulated metal-faced panels (IMPs) and explains how these often-overlooked materials can make a major difference to commercial construction in the UK.
volumetric modular

The evolution of volumetric modular technology

In this ebook, Jackie Maginnis, chief executive of the Modular & Portable Buildings Association, discusses the evolution of volumetric modular technology from its inception to the advanced systems that are proving increasingly popular today.

Making the built environment accessible for all

In this ebook, About Access, which has been providing advice, guidance and training on improving access for 20 years, discusses its work and the importance of broadening understanding and acceptance of accessibility issues.
modular construction

Modular Advantage: The industry around the world

This edition of Modular Advantage from the Modular Building Institute looks at the growing international presence of offsite and modular construction In recent years, the...
Modular Advantage

Modular Advantage: The industry’s response to Covid-19

In this special edition of Modular Advantage, the Modular Building Institute interviewed over 20 member companies around the world to see how the industry has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Building better by building smarter

Building better by building smarter

Everyone wants the construction industry to go back to work but, in this new ebook, The Access Group argues that we must not simply slip back into the old "business as usual".
Modular Construction,

Modular construction: Has its moment arrived?

In this ebook, Nick Johns, head of digital manufacturing - UK at Graitec, examines the case for modular construction as a game-changer that will shift many aspects of building activity away from traditional projects to offsite, precision manufacturing-led production.

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