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The latest BIM guides for professionals looking to get the inside track from the latest companies and solution providers.

Predictive weather

Predictive Weather and Climate Analytics

This ebook from MetSwift looks at how AI, machine learning and analytics, can provide accurate weather insights to inform construction processes.
Joint Contracts Tribunal, construction,

Digital technology will change the culture of the construction industry

In this latest ebook, JCT experts look at some of the key issues in construction, from sustainability and the changes being brought about by digital technology to contract law.
Predictive climate and weather analytics & AI in construction

Climate and weather prediction analytics & AI in construction

In this ebook, Metswift looks at how emerging, rapidly advancing technology such as Artificial Intelligence, can be harnessed to take the pain out of weather prediction for the construction industry.
BIM for Manufacturers White Paper

What does BIM mean for manufacturing?

This ebook from Graitec, one of Europe's largest independent authors of CAD, CAE and BIM software, examines the effects of BIM software on the building supply chain and why manufacturers who are not providing BIM-compliant product models for specifiers risk being left behind.

COBie Deliverables using Industry Foundation Class within Revit

With collaborative 3D environments becoming increasingly common on construction projects, it is important to leverage the data and information that is stored alongside the 3D geometry. Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is the nominated format for the digital an electronic delivery of asset data
How Solibri is pioneering excellence in the industry

How Solibri is pioneering excellence in the industry

In this year's Solibri Journal, founder and CEO Heikki Kulusjärvi discusses changes within the company and how Solibri is ensuring excellence This year’s Solibri Journal...
data management

Cad Assist provide key product design and data management solutions

This ebook from Cadassist, an Autodesk authorised training centre, examines the keys to efficient and effective product design and data management in a world of increasing workloads and seemingly ever-tighter deadlines
Highways and 3D modelling

Highway design and 3D modelling

Cassidy Forsythe was formed in July 2014 with the aim of providing the best highway design and 3D modelling services to local authorities, consultants, architects and contractors
Cad Assist

Cadassist – BIM Hero

Go from a zero to a BIM hero with the latest ebook from 3D design and data management specialist Cadassist
BIM training helps staff develop core skills while improving efficiency

BIM training helps staff develop core skills while improving efficiency

Cadassist share what they bring to an organisation though their BIM training programmes and how they ensure the right learning outcomes for employees
digital construction trends ebook by Clearbox

Digital construction trends: Latest thoughts from inside the industry

Read the latest insight on digital construction trends from experts at Clearbox, including a case study on how Kier Group achieved BIM Level 2...

Using technology to deliver more successful projects for AEC firms

Technology has a role to play in delivering projects for firms efficiently and effectively. Newforma explains the challenges and how they can be overcome
Solibri – Reliable information on demand

Solibri – Reliable information on demand

Solibri was founded by a group of individuals who noticed the world was changing. In 1999, software modelling was improving and common standards were...
BIM Level 3 & Beyond: Moving Forward After Level 2

BIM Level 3 & Beyond: Moving Forward After Level 2

The BIM Level 3 & Beyond: Moving Forward After Level 2 event held on 29th June 2016 at the University of Manchester proved to...

Callsafe Services – Health and Safety

Health and safety legislation demands that safety procedures and safety plans are clearly documented. The Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 requires...

CDM2015 and BIM Synergy

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) process requirements and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) requirements are very similar as to their needs...

Elecosoft – Asta Powerproject

Jason Ruddle is the COO at Elecosoft and has more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry delivering key software solutions, products, and...
Lloyd's Register

What does BIM Level 2 compliance mean and how do I...

Whether you are an organisation with mature BIM related processes and competencies or whether you are an organisation with aspirations to enter into the...

Game changing solutions for the built environment

Clearbox brings innovative solutions for the built environment through it's approach to BIM. This month, as Clearbox celebrates its 500th project on their BIMXtra digital information platform,...
BIMobject AB

BIMobject AB

We are undeniably living in the age of digitalisation – practically everything will sooner or later become digital, even the way we communicate, market,...
Wolf Systems

Wolf Systems

Whilst there is currently no set ‘deadline’ by which BIM must be implemented within the housebuilding sector (BIM will become mandatory for government public...


Governments and Clients around the world have mandated the change to BIM dominated processes across the design, delivery, handover and operation of the built...


The use of 3D data in the planning mix is well established and this is increasingly spreading into 4D, bringing 3D visualisation together with...

StruMIS Ltd

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has fast become an essential in today’s construction industry. The challenge faced by management teams now is to integrate the...

BIM Object

Organisations involved in the design, construction and operation of a public building are being impacted by the information requirements inherent in meeting BIM Level...
Lloyd's Register

Lloyd’s Register

Are you BIM Ready? What does that really mean? Perhaps an appropriate definition would be the ability of a tier 1 contractor to demonstrate that...

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BIM Guides

The latest BIM guides for professionals looking to get the inside track from the latest companies and solution providers.