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Modular Advantage July-August 2022

Modular Advantage Magazine July-August 2022

The latest issue of the Modular Building Institute's Modular Advantage magazine examines the effect of the proposed expansion of the Davis-Bacon Act in the United States, and how this could have major ramifications for US-based manufacturers.
Connected Modular Construction guide from viewpoint

How can we redefine modular construction for a new era?

Viewpoint, a leader in construction project management solutions, explores what makes this new age of offsite construction bigger and better? What can this generation of modular buildings deliver that prefabrication failed to do? And how will technology help modular become a serious player in all property construction?
supply chain applications

Bouygues UK: Streamlining supply chain applications for payment process

This eBook explains how Bouygues UK are promoting collaborative working for improved efficiency, visibility and risk management across supply chain applications for payment.
beating Debt in construction

Beating bad debt in construction

Bad debt remains a sad fact of life for many subcontractors in construction. Being able to spot the early signs of difficulties and react quickly are crucial in keeping cash flowing and projects on track.
payment management

Digital transformation and payment management in construction

This eBook from cloud-based construction payment management software company Payapps explores the future of supply chain payments in the construction industry.
Modular Advantage Magazine May-June 2022

Modular Advantage Magazine May-June 2022

Featuring dozens of modular building case studies, the latest, double-sized issue of the Modular Building Institute’s Modular Advantage magazine explores all the winning projects from MBI’s 2022 Awards of Distinction contest.
Adjudication in Construction

A guide to adjudication in construction contracts – What to expect

This ebook from chartered quantity surveyors and construction claims consultants Arbicon provides a detailed guide on what to expect from adjudication in construction contracts.
construction data breaches

Construction data breaches: Is my data secure in the cloud?

Construction data breaches are on the rise, with data from Kroll showing a staggering 800% rise between 2019 and 2020. Meanwhile, a study of 1,200 ransomware attacks between 2020 and 2021 by Nordlocker found that construction was the most attacked industry.
ROCKWOOL Red book, insulation solutions

The ROCKWOOL Red book

The ROCKWOOL Red book is a powerful digital tool that supports the specification of insulation solutions from a single source.
Managing construction variations

Managing construction variations

Variations and their valuations are a primary cause of delays and disputes and can transform a relatively straightforward project into one of unmanageable complexity. In this ebook, Payapps tells us everything we need to know about managing construction variations.
financial crisis in construction

Is there a financial crisis in construction?

The Access Group looks at whether there is a financial crisis in construction and how integrated, cloud-based construction software solutions can help alleviate the economic pressures experienced by many in the industry.
Golden Thread of information in construction

Demystifying the Golden Thread of information in construction

3D Repo demystifies the Golden Thread of information in construction and provides information and advice on what your organisation can do now to prepare for the changes ahead.
world of modular conference

Modular Advantage March-April 2022

For nearly 40 years, the Modular Building Institute (MBI) has held its annual World of Modular conference for industry professionals to network, exchange ideas and learn from experts.

SFS NVELOPE Rainscreen Subframe

Building envelope specialist SFS traces its roots back over 120 years and today, the company's construction division is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of carbon and stainless steel fastening solutions for roofing, cladding and façade systems.
Guide to Mediation

A User’s Guide to Mediation

The User's Guide to Mediation from Gateley Vinden offers a comprehensive look at how those going through the process can prepare as best they can - and hopefully realise some success.
pitfalls for construction

Pitfalls for construction in 2022

This ebook from Access Construction examines the challenges the industry has faced over the last couple of years and how companies can avoid some of the pitfalls ahead in 2022.
hospital construction project

A cure for hospital construction project inefficiencies

Hospital construction projects are considered some of the most uniquely challenging and complex in the industry. In this ebook, Revizto examines some of the key issues involved in delivering vital healthcare facilities and how BIM is helping to overcome these hurdles on schemes around the world.
construction case update

Construction Case update – Autumn 2021

Welcome to the Autumn 2021 Construction Case Update from Gateley Vinden. Chief executive Peter Vinden examines collateral warranties and Hayley Sullivan, construction partner at Gateley Legal, discusses the Civil Justice Council's report on compulsive alternative dispute resolution.
housing crisis

The future of housebuilding and construction

In this new ebook, the Access Group argues that the lack of supply, when combined with emerging challenges and barriers at home and internationally, mean the construction industry must now accept that the old ways of working alone are not going to solve the problem.

Premier Guarantee: Pre-plaster

This Pre-plaster ebook by Premier Guarantee gathers together Technical Updates offering additional guidance on a number of key areas.
technical updates roofs

Premier Guarantee technical updates: Roofs

This ebook brings together a collection of Technical Updates from Premier Guarantee covering roof design, installation, maintenance and performance standards to satisfy its warranty scheme.
Modular advantage

Modular Advantage July-August 2021

This edition of Modular Advantage magazine, published by the Modular Building Institute (MBI), covers the affordable housing crisis and the growing array of solutions provided by the modular construction industry.
adjudication, dispute, dispute resolution,

Gateley Vinden: Summer 2021 Construction Case Update

The Summer 2021 Construction Case Update from Gateley Vinden offers valuable insights on the key issues in adjudication, mediation and dispute resolution affecting the industry.
modular design

Modular Advantage: Modular Design edition

This special, expanded edition of the Modular Building Institute’s Modular Advantage magazine explores the people and ideas behind one of the most important aspects of modular construction: design.
Flame Retardant Wood Panels

Specification guide: Flame retardant wood panels

In Part One of this specification guide to flame retardant wood panels, innovative timber product specialist MEDITE SMARTPLY offers a comprehensive overview of the terminology covering these materials and related fire testing standards.
End-to-end visibility

Delivering End-to-End visibility in construction

This ebook from The Access Group looks at the challenging conditions for construction over the past year, both in terms of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and in navigating a complex supply chain picture.

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