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Fire Extinguisher Training

How to ensure your employees are prepared to deal with emergencies in the workplace? The most important thing is having a fire extinguisher training program in your actual workplace. Focus your training on the type of emergencies employees may really face. When it comes to fire extinguisher training, nothing compares to...

Workers Behaving Safely

Applicable across a wide variety of disciplines, Behavioural Safety is a proven process for reducing injuries and incidents by eliminating unsafe behaviours in the workplace. It is known to produce many business benefits that include fewer incidents, improved communications, reduced bottlenecks and lower operating costs. Case Study One A large upstream...
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CDM2007 Design Risk Management Course

Association for Project Safety (APS) CDM2007 Design Risk Management Course The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM2007) require a cultural change in the management of health and safety by the construction project team, but particular emphasis is placed on the requirements for competence of designers, design co-ordination and communication of...
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Training for safety

Callsafe Services Limited has been providing health and safety advice, assistance and training to our clients, and our clients’ projects, since 1987. Our clients have included many central and local government organisations, as well as private industry clients, designers and contractors. Association for Project Safety (APS) CDM2007 Design Risk Management Course The...

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