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Modular construction has become increasingly popular in recent years and has even been tipped as the future of the construction sector, but while technology continues to progress, the sector still has many obstacles to overcome.
Modular construction is the method by which a home or building is constructed within a factory setting, offsite. Whilst traditional construction is a process whose primary elements are constructed onsite, modular building techniques allow for the construction of individual modules to be carried out offsite, the finished units are then transported to the construction site for installation.
We're proud to offer a wide selection of modular construction news, from the latest projects and challenges facing the industry, to how modular processes can help solve the housing crisis and expert comment on the latest technologies and opportunities within the sector.

Timber frame

New era for Scotframe as timber frame market continues to grow

It’s an exciting time of expansion and growth for offsite timber frame specialist Scotframe

Exporting Ireland: Offsite, digital and the future of Irish construction

PBC Today talks to Enterprise Ireland’s John Hunt, about the role of offsite and in improving efficiency, delivering “wow factor” and tackling the housing crisis on both sides of the Irish Sea
modular buildings

McAvoy wins place on modular buildings framework

The McAvoy Group has been appointed to the LHC Modular Buildings Framework, which has a combined value of more than £1bn. The LHC is one of the UK’s longest-established public sector procurement specialists
Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence calls for drastic digital transformation in construction

At its Annual Conference on 12 December, Constructing Excellence is revealing a new strategy that aims to accelerate the digital and offsite revolution (including AI, factory production, BIM and open data) in the construction sector

Offsite solutions named in ‘1000 companies to Inspire Europe’

Offsite Solutions, the UK’s leading bathroom pod manufacturer, has been recognised as one of the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe

Building on efficiency foundations

With housebuilders facing the pressures of rising demand, growing skills shortages and higher costs, Jason Ruddle of Elecosoft says it is time for a greater focus on improving efficiency
Modular Construction

The Meteoric Rise of Modular Construction

As Theresa May calls on developers across Britain to play their part in tackling a critical shortage of affordable homes, it’s clear the UK’s housing crisis is still very much at boiling point. With the need to find a viable solution that will reduce build time, cut costs and meet environmental specifications, both government bodies and housing developers face a challenge - but could modular housing be the answer?
offsite construction

Can offsite construction solve the UK housing crisis?

It’s no secret that the UK faces a severe housing shortage. Kim Vernau of BLP Insurance examines how offsite construction can help to bridge the gap
modular construction

Tide wins planning consent for tallest modular construction tower

Tide Construction Ltd in Croydon has gained planning permission for two of the tallest modular towers in the world
Steel Framing Systems

Rethinking construction

Steel Framing Systems (SFS) make up a substantial part of the offsite solutions portfolio – from structural panels to complete frames, plus a variety of roofing, volumetric modular options and infill walling applications. Steve Thompson, Managing Director of EOS Facades, shares his perspective on the budget and how the industry can meet the specified target of 300,000 homes per year by 2025
Modular building

Modular buildings lead the way for offsite

How do manufacturers and installers of volumetric offsite construction ensure sustainability and compliance when the key priority is time? Jackie Maginnis, CEO of the Modular & Portable Building Association, shows how the industry has been leading the way longer than you think
Offsite construction

McAvoy completes building installation for new school

Offsite construction specialist, The McAvoy Group, has craned the final modules into position on site at the new Concordia Academy in Romford for a building to accommodate 630 primary school children
offsite construction

Why geometry is more important to offsite construction than data

The focus on the value of data in offsite construction is understandable but, cautions Lee Mullin of Autodesk, the importance of geometric design information cannot be overlooked
logistic hubs

Heathrow reveals list for offsite construction logistic hubs

Heathrow Airport has produced a list of 65 potential logistic hub locations to serve as centres for offsite construction, selected from an initial 121 applications

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