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Modular construction has become increasingly popular in recent years and has even been tipped as the future of the construction sector, but while technology continues to progress, the sector still has many obstacles to overcome.
Modular construction is the method by which a home or building is constructed within a factory setting, offsite. Whilst traditional construction is a process whose primary elements are constructed onsite, modular building techniques allow for the construction of individual modules to be carried out offsite, the finished units are then transported to the construction site for installation.
We're proud to offer a wide selection of modular construction news, from the latest projects and challenges facing the industry, to how modular processes can help solve the housing crisis and expert comment on the latest technologies and opportunities within the sector.

Offsite construction training requires change

How should the sector deliver offsite construction training?

In an interview with Ben Lever of the CITB, we examine how the organisation will provide offsite construction training based on recent research
UK Construction Week announces event return in October 2017

UK Construction Week announces event return in October 2017

Birmingham NEC will play host to UK Construction Week 2017, the largest gathering of the built environment community
Modern modular construction should be embraced as the future

Modern modular construction should be embraced as the future

Jason Ruddle of Elecosoft discusses why modern modular construction can deliver innovative designs while providing a turnkey solution for the sector
Factory-built homes have many benefits for self-builders

Factory-built homes have many benefits for self-builders

Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive, Structural Timber Association explains why factory-built homes are becoming an increasingly attractive way of building

PBC Today April 2017

This edition of PBC Today includes many articles covering subject areas such as planning, housing, BIM, building control, health and safety and energy efficiency.

Housebuilders can keep track of offsite construction developments via a new hub

The NHBC has launched a new website that enables housebuilders to track developments in modern methods of construction
offsite construction

Offsite construction conference to be hosted by BRE

BRE is to host a conference in Watford tomorrow examining the role of offsite construction in the delivery of build-to-rent homes
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Modular construction versus traditional construction

MTX Contracts outlines the pros and cons of modular construction verses traditional building methods and how this can help the industry meet housing targets Adding more space to premises, be it a domestic property or another premises such as a clinic, school or college, comes at a price. It is expensive...
PBC Today 14

PBC Today January 2017

So long 2016 – you were certainly an interesting year. We witnessed Brexit, the Cameron and Osborne demise and the election of Trump, to name but a few highlights.
Precast modular construction

Precast modular construction is changing the sector

Neil Magner and Gavin Lowe, of FP McCann outline how precast modular construction has been used to regenerate Swansea University’s New Bay Campus
offsite construction

The future is bright; the future is offsite construction

PBC Today’s Lisa Carnwell gains an insight into the man leading the charge for offsite construction, in an interview with new Buildoffsite Chair Andrew Dix
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McAvoy Group to invest £10m in modular construction

A £10m investment boost is to be given to the modular construction industry, as McAvoy Group announces plans to expand its services

Modular construction could top government agenda

Sources close to the government have revealed modular building could be top of the agenda to tackle the growing housing crisis The government and the mayor of London are looking into plans to use off-site construction methods to tackle the shortage of homes. According to a source close to the government,...

The rise of offsite construction

Richard Ogden, Chairman of the Buildoffsite organisation explains why offsite construction can bring huge benefits to the construction industry… I have worked in the construction industry for almost 50 years with many roles including client and supplier. In that time, I have picked up two abiding thoughts. Firstly – the...

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