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PBC Today November 2021

Welcome to a packed November edition of PBC Today. As we went to press, leaders from around the globe were heading to Glasgow for COP 26. In this issue, we look at some of the issues and challenges that construction, architecture and engineering will face in order to cut emissions.
PBC Today August 2021

PBC Today August 2021

Welcome to the August edition of PBC Today, which explores everything from climate risk in the built environment, carbon reduction and net zero ambitions to calls for a radical new national housing policy, how the industry can cope with material shortages and the case for incentivising MMC.
PBC Today May 2021

PBC Today May 2021

The May edition of PBC Today brings together expert contributors from across planning, construction and academia to discuss a wide range of issues facing the sector.
PBC Today February 2021

PBC Today February 2021

Our first edition of 2021 looks at how architecture, engineering and construction are facing up to the challenges of planning reform, project delivery, digital transformation and moving towards a net-zero future against the backdrop of Covid-19 and lockdown 3.0.
PBC Today November

PBC Today November 2020

PBC Today November 2020 brings you a wealth of insight and opinion exploring planning, BIM and construction as the UK prepares to enter a second national lockdown.
PBC Today August 2020,

PBC Today August 2020

Welcome to PBC Today August 2020. In this edition, we examine the continuing impact of Covid-19 on the construction industry, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson's call to "build, build, build", government proposals to radically overhaul the planning system and the sector's road to recovery in the "new normal".
PBC Today May

PBC Today May 2020

Welcome to PBC Today May 2020. In this edition, we examine the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the construction industry, from contract issues and handling site shutdowns to looking ahead to how the sector can contribute to the recovery.
PBC Today February,

PBC Today February 2020

Welcome to the PBC Today February 2020. In this issue, we shine a light on the planning landscape, legal issues for construction, modular construction's potential in 2020, digital transformation in FM and much more!
PBC Today November,

PBC Today November 2019

With 2020 just around the corner, the PBC Today November edition looks to the future, with a focus on digital planning, the National Digital Twin, offsite construction and embodied carbon in construction.
PBC Today August 2019

PBC Today August 2019

In PBC Today August 2019, we examine the crisis in social housing, look at why councils are returning to housebuilding and ask if the planning system is holding back construction.
PBC Today May 2019,

PBC Today May 2019

Welcome to the May edition of Planning, BIM & Construction Today. In this Issue, Mark Farmer examines investment in modular construction, we hear from PBC Today’s Editorial Board, the concept of the digital twin is discussed, we’ve got reaction from the spring statement and much more!
PBC Today February 2019

PBC Today February 2019

In February's PBC Today, we take a look at the Construction Innovation Hub, modern 21st Century construction, a look at what's in store for 2019, and more!
PBC Today November 2018 21

PBC Today November 2018

In our November issue, we hear from government,thoughts on a major 10-year programme to improve built assets and productivity and much more!
PBC Today August 2018

PBC Today August 2018

In this issue, we have everything from industry reaction to the Hackitt Review and former housing minister Nick Raynsford's review of planning to the Centre for Digital Built Britain's new BIM benefits methodology, the reform of retentions in the wake of Carillion's collapse and what 'placemaking' really means in a project
PBC Today

PBC Today April 2018

Welcome to the April 2018 edition of PBC Today. In this issue, Kate Henderson, chief executive of the Town & Country Planning Association, looks at how we can deliver more genuinely affordable housing - and argues that councils have a key role to play
PBC Today 17

PBC Today January 2018

Welcome to the January 2018 edition of PBC Today. In this issue, we sit down with John Hunt of Enterprise Ireland to discuss offsite,...
PBC Today 17

PBC Today October 2017

This edition of PBC Today includes many articles covering subject areas such as planning, housing, BIM, building control, health and safety and energy efficiency.

PBC Today July 2017

This edition of PBC Today includes many articles covering subject areas such as planning, housing, BIM, building control, health and safety and energy efficiency.

PBC Today April 2017

This edition of PBC Today includes many articles covering subject areas such as planning, housing, BIM, building control, health and safety and energy efficiency.
PBC Today 14

PBC Today January 2017

So long 2016 – you were certainly an interesting year. We witnessed Brexit, the Cameron and Osborne demise and the election of Trump, to name but a few highlights.
PBC Today October 2016

PBC Today October 2016

Since our Summer edition went live, the political landscape has changed beyond imagination. We voted for Brexit, and our political parties descended into chaos...
PBC Today July 2016

PBC Today July 2016

Welcome to the July 2016 Edition of PBC Today. As I write this, we are just one week on from a referendum result that has...
Planning and Building Control Today 11

PBC Today April 2016

Welcome to the April 2016 Edition of PBC Today In this issue we lead with the challenges surrounding the Housing and Planning Bill for councils,...

PBC Today January 2016

Welcome to the January 2016 Edition of PBC Today A year full of deadlines and expected changes for all in the construction sector. Steve Evans has...
Planning & Building Control Today 9

PBC Today October 2015

Europe’s cities are the engines of the European economy, providing jobs and services, and serve as catalysts for creativity and innovation. They have the...

PBC Today July 2015

The raft of planning reforms announced in the Treasury’s Productivity Plan are meant to be a boon to housing supply and include a commitment...

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