Mick George

New Facilities Management Operations Manager at Mick George Ltd

Mick George Facilities Management introduces it's new Operations Manager, Angus Wilmot, taking the business forward with his previous experience.
Argyll Environmental

Thoughts from the shovel face: Are you taking the PFAS?

Paul Nathanail, managing director of Land Quality Management Ltd discusses a group of contaminants, including PFAS, causing worldwide concern.
Fire Industry Association

What’s on the Health and Safety and Environmental unit

The Fire Industry Association launches the Health & Safety unit plus the Environmental unit as their courses continue to expand

Pegasus Software for Construction Industry

Pegasus Software is a leading supplier of financial and business software solutions with over 20,000 customers across UK and Ireland in Services, Distribution, Manufacturing & Construction industries.
About Access

About Access – Look after the dogs, and spare a thought for the owners

Ian Streets from About Access discusses tackling disability issues and how the simplest ideas can be the most helpful in varying situations.

How Perimeter Security can mitigate risk to people, premises and assets

Heras UK discuss how perimeter security is an important factor in mitigating risk by deterring, delaying and detecting unwanted intrusion.
Mick George

Mick George Ltd and the Hadleigh Retirement Development

Mick George Ltd discuss their involvement on the retirement development in Hadleigh, South Suffolk, as part of a prefered scheme for the brownfield site.

Geoquip gains approval for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Heras UK discuss the approval of the Vision HS and Micralert HS Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems from Geoquip by CPNI CAPSS.

Heras welcomes Darfen to the family

Heras UK discuss the inclusion of Darfen Durafencing into their brand in order to deliver a greater nationwide service for perimeter protection.

Taking a holistic approach to Perimeter Protection

Heras UK discuss perimeter protection, focusing on the defence of critical national infrastructure from terrorism, espionage and other hostile activity.

Growing importance of cyber protection of Critical National Infrastructure

Heras UK discuss the how protection of National Infrastructure requires the amalgamation of both physical barriers and cyber protection.

Expansion and modernisation of UK universities

Cementaid look at some of the development sites at universities, where Caltite waterproof concrete has been utilised to waterproof and protect structures.
AET Flexible Space

Underfloor Air Conditioning Fit-out at Hanover Street

The underfloor air conditioning specialists, AET Flexible Space, discuss one of their latest installations on behalf of Quadreal

FARO releases the As-Built Platform

Create perfect BIM from reality capture data” is the credo for the new FARO software brand, As-Built, offering products with most complete functions, most effective workflows, most innovative technology and best in class profitability.

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